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Real Estate Transfers

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Morris Pack to Vi. L. Pack, Ann Arbor.. $ 1 W. L. Pack to Morris Pack, Ann Arbor 1 Emamiel Beck to George Stoll, Dexter. 3,600 Stephen D. Brown to Inez II. Horton, Ypsilanti ltooo Sariih H. Jones to H. Gibbs, Ann Arbor. 1,000 Mayuard fc Thayer to C. H. Richmond, Ann Arbor 435 Gustave Weis to C. Dettling, et al.Freedm 10,000 Jas. Guest to Sarah Culey. Dexter 340 N. E. Ambrose to Betsy Roberts, Ypsilanti 45q John GraiT to Jas. H. Clough, BridgeW'W 1,500 F. Kollwehr to Mary Kollwehr, am 1.800 Jas. X. Wallace to John E. Lambert, Ypsllanti 650 Jas. N". Wallace to Bert Lambert, Ypsilauti 7:)0 Henry West to Jenette S. West. Aun Arbor Mary Baumgartner to Louise Visel, Ann Arbor 200 Mary Baumgartner to Philip Visel, Ann Arbor j Mary Baumgartner to Louise K. Visel, Ann Arbor ... joqo John Howard to Martin McMahon, Manchester 450 Elnathan Skidmore to W. H. Howell, Lyndon 4i500 W. F. Kern to Thos. Keech, Ann Arbor . 1J750 F. L. Parker to Tho?. J. Keech, Aun Arbor j Conneetieut Life Insurance Company to Julia B. Coon.Anu Arbor 8,000 M. E. Ouderkirk to C. A. Jaycox, Ann Arbor ]jM2 George Sackett to Anna Xeeb, Dexter... 90 Martin & Dodge to R. A. Kerguson, Ypsilanti noo George Staeblerto Gottlieb Volz, Scio.. 400 . 8. ('owles, by executor, to A. C. Winslow, Ann Arbor 300 Statira D. Hawkins to Chas. E. Bresier, Ypsilanti rrJM0 J. E. KrapĂ­ to Jacob Wahl, Ann Arbor. 1,700 Richard Wanzer, by sheriff, to Helen C Swift, Ypailauti Isaac Wertman to Mary A. Wertman, Ypsilanti 1 John 1'. Jndaon to Sarah Judson, Ann Arbor 2.000 John P. Judson to M. S. Judson, Ann Arbor 1000 Sarah Judsou to John F. Judson, Ann Arbor 700