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Real Estate Transfers

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Joel Marble to G. A. and S. J. Bissell. York $ 1,500 Spencer Coe to Joel Marble, York and Augusta 3,500 William Bacon to G. Hellemens, Chelsea 100 (justus Sundberg to Jacob B. Fuller, Augusta 800 Elijah Rose to Addison Osbora, Augusta l,(i00 J.evi E. Drake to M. Burkhardt, Saline. 1,000 Jacob F. Burkhardt to John Burkhardt, Saline 1.SO0 James N. Wallace to F. E. Bradley, Ypsilanti 1,500 Mephen Perrio to McCord fc Sterks, Freedom 200 E. E. Thorneto Thos. J. Thorne, Manchester 500 Angellne VanDuyne to B. Sweeting Superior 4,680 August Ludwig to Gottlieb Ludwig, Northfield 750 Eunice J. M. Ford to E. C. Walker, Ann Arbor 1 E. C. Walker to Eunice J. M. Ford, Ann Arbor 1 R. Kempf to Wm. R. Mount, Sharon.... 250 F. W. Cleveland to A. M. Van Tassell, Ypsilauti 1 A. M. Cleveland to Chas. H. Kane, Ypsilanti 500 Henry Garlach toj. C. and G. Garlach, .Sorthneld 100 C. Schlplack to August Schiplack, Ann Arbor 1 R. A. Ferguson to J. E. Smith, Ypsilantl 800 Simon Strauss to F. J. Lewis, et al, Ann Arbor 1,300 John Howard to S. B. Lappens, Ypsilanti 200 Daniel Williams to Rosanna Timlin, Ypsilauti 500 A. J. and F. L. Mayhew to T. N'inde Ypsilanti 1 Thos. Ninde to A. J. and F. L. Mayhew, Ypsilanti 1