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Real Estate Transfers

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Obediah Priestto Jas. Gillett, Manchester 500 Ed. He wit t to I.ucy P. Hewitt, Ypsllantl 600 L. Baessler to Jacob Baessler, Anu Arbor 3,500 S. S. Cowles, by ex., to Ann Arbor Gaa Co., Ann Arbor 300 David Schaible to Jacob Scbaible, Lodi. 1,800 H. S. Platt to Wm. H. Platt, Pittafleld.. . 2,000 J. L. Babcock to Martin Huiler, Ann Arbor 1,650 John L. Harlow to Fred'k Warner, Dexter 670 L. D. Alley to John L. Harlow, Ypsilanti 1,000 Alice J. Nanry to John J. Nanry. et al, Salem 4,860 M. A. Luklns to Lizzie Heury, Ann Arbor 800 James R. Bach to Chas. A. Saur, Ann Arbor 700 Johu Ryan to T. A. A. & N. M. R. R., Northfield 400 George S. Wheeler to Thos. Grogan, Salem 481 E. H. Bell to F. A. Cobb, Ypsllanti 1,500 Jane C. Platt to W. B. Osborne, Sharon 1 Augustus High, et al, to Herman Strable Sharou 85 Wm. H. Culver to .Tas. Gauntlett, York. 1 John and Mary Bibb to H. Goodapeed, Ypsilanti 000 G. S. Scott to Eliza C. Felch, Ann Arbor 200 M. A. Knapp, by heirs, to N. W. Cheever Ann Arbor 450 Catharine Donnelly to O. & M. Donclly, Ann Arbor 650 Silas Trasher to Nellie Holmes, Webster 600 Jacob Rauchenberger to T. A. A. & N. M. R. K., Northfield 1 Alex & M. Frazer to T. A. A. & N. M. R. R.,Xorthfleld 1 B. Baur to T. A. A. & N. M. R. K., Northfield 1 Henry Wesch to John Pflsterer, Ann Arbor 5,000 A. H. Gillett, et al, to J. P. Gillett, Sharon 1 John Pflsterer to Henry Wesch, Ann Arbor 4,700 E. E. Root to F. A. Rettich, Ann Arbor.. 1,700 W. Otto, by sheriff, to Gustave Otto, Northfield 1,200