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Real Estate Transfers

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Thomas Goodwills to Standard Oil Co. Ypsilanti 1 John J. Easterly to Eliza Smith, Saline. 650 Charles E. King to M. E. Harding, Ypsilanti 1 Charles E, King to F. L. Shaefer, Ypsilanti 1 Harding and Shaefer to C. E. King, Ypsilanti 1 Frank G. Murray to W. W. Murray, Superior 1,400 E.C. Glover to John Wahr, Lodi 1.100 E. C. Glover to Philip Stierle, Lodi 1,300 Margaret Lyon to S. and J. Newkirk, Dexter 2,600 Anna Belding to D. F. Schairer, Aun Arbor 1,600 Charles Densmore to H. Densmore, et al, Augusta 525 John W. Emmert to John J. Raf tery, Saline 1,200 Wm. J. Just to J. E. Jnst, Ann Arbor ... 700 William J. Just to J. E. Just, Ann Arbor 300 A. W. Hamilton, et al, to Williám J. Just, Ann Arbor 300 L. Gruner toWm. J.Just, Ann Arbor 100 George Avery to Thomas Russell, York. 1,800 John Oven to Thos. Russell. York 1,300 J. V. Schneider to J. W. Maloney, Freedom 2,300 A. B. Camp to H. H. Camp, Ann Arbor. 5,500 W. H. Curtis to E. E. Rose, Sharon 5,120 Ella E. Rose to M. C. Pierce, Sharon. ... 1.000 David R. Dell to M. Grosshaus, York... 5,700 Herman Sodtto Henry Esch, Sharon... 250 Wm. Look to Maria DentonYpsilanti.. 2,000 Brehm & Kearns to Daniel E. Hoy, Scio 1,500 Jas. H. Woodworth to G. M. Waters, Salem 5,330 L. H. Uphouse to Henry Esch, Manchester 380 C. E. Uphouse, by guardián, to Henry . Esch, Freedom 965 Alex. Mamock to Jas. Gibney, Lyndon.. 5,000 John Young, by adm., to M. Kalmbach, Sylvan 3,200 H. L. Kelsey to George Coe, York 2,000 E. e. Bowling toC. L. 4 A. Yost, Ypsilanti 2300 Jas. A. Bartlett to Mary C. Whiting, Ann Arbor ... 221 E. Newton by adm., to Chas. J. Depew, Chelsea 653 MaryC. Whiting to A. & C. Freuhauf, Ann Arbor 260 Hamilton, Rose & Sheehan to M. B. Vogel, Ann Arbor 300 Patrick Fitzsimmons to J. W. and F. Hallen, Northfield and Webster 1,400