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Real Estate Transfers

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Jas. A. Young, et al, to J. A. Parsons, Saliue $ ] P. Sheehey, Jr., to Thos. S. Sears, Northfield 300 N. Brough toJPeterJHanlin.lWebster 225 Michael Reid to Nicholas Reíd, Dexter„_ i J. F. Henion to J. D. Minor, et al, Bridgewater 3,000 Michael Staebler to David Mayer, Lima and Scio 1 Mary E. Minor to J. F. Henion, Bridgewater 3,000 A. A. Schryver to L. J. Hallock, Ann Arbor 600 Ruth Young, byexr., to J. E.jBeal, Sylvau I(i2 Laura J. Hallock to D. F. Schairer, Aun Arbor . 1.100 L. B. Pettlbone to Frank Collins, Superior 1,300 Auson Harmon to N. & A. Bordine, Saline 800 M. H. Frederick to M. & T. N. .Cooling, Salem 825 John Koby, by adm., to Richard Green, Manchester 390 R. M. Wanzer to Harriet Welch, Ypsilanti 70Ü Ellzabeth Reddeway to F. W. Cleveland, Ypsilanti 200 H. A. Butler to H. Nintz, Augusta 495 B. F. Hurris to Abagail Post, Willis 1,000 Henry Rook, Jr., to Heury Rook, Sr., Lyndon 1 Adam Turnbnll to Robert Hunter, Ann Arbor 2,550 C. Fiegel to C. T. Fiegel, Freedom 1 Martin Eberlie to M. Eberlie, Lodi 1,025 E. M. Moore, et al, to O. L. Hoflutetter, Ypsilanti 550 Henry Rook to A. C. & J. Pierce, Lyndon. 00 E. W. Wallace to J. L. & F. Harlow, Ypsilauti 500 Jolin Haggerty, by adm., to Ed. Fitzsiramons, Scio 1,359 E. Fitzsimmons to Peter McGuire, Scio- 1,400 Daniel S. Scholield to H. S. Day, Ypsilanti 500 John M. Day, et al, to Daniel Schofield, Ypsilanti 70 Geo. H. Grinston to Thos. McXamara, Chelsea 250 C. T. Conklin to Nancy E. Conkliu, Chelsea 2,S00 Margaret Christopher to H. P. Rolston Ypsilanti 1 Jacob Christopher, et al, to H. P. Rolston, Ypsilauti 100 A. Whitmill to H. P. Kolstou, 1 Henry P. Rolstou to John II. Gilbert, Ypsilanti 500 Thos. S. Sears to Estáte of L. James, Northfleld 1 .1. N. Hamlin to George M. Wood, Ann Arbor 2,000 Jos. L. Rose, et al, to A. N. Hamilton, Ann Arbor 200 Aretus Dunn to Geo. M. Henion, Ann Arbor . 3,200 Margaiet Kern to Jacob Kern, MancheBter 000