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Tin! Tin! American Tin! It causea a wonderfully anpleasant din In the ears of the demócrata who sait it could not be made here. The insnrance companies will pa aout !?:!00,0ü0 of the $500,000 loss in Muakegon. It is estimated that thcro aro now $690,000,000 of gold in the country, s no one need set up night's worryin over the recent gold exportations. And the legislature still grinds awav osting the people of the state $3 per day for each member, and other expenses amounting to about ÍG00 per day. Reform is a fine thing. The National League having withdrawn its support from Mr. Parnell, he will now probably liave to work to support himself and Mis. O'Shea. How about his poor old penniless rnother in this country? Some of our democratie contempor aries have admitted that tin píate can be made in this country, and made a vheaply and of as good quality as in the old country. Quite an admission. The McKinley bil] is gradually getting there Surely Michigan will not falter in the good work of having a fine display a the World'a Fair, at Chicago ! If this legislature fails to make a handsome ap propriation therefor- all that is needed - it will sadly mistake the pulse of the people. Some idea of the loss to Muskegon by the recent fire, is given by the remar] of one of her business men tiie nex morning: "All I gaved was the clothes I have on, and I am to-day just where '. stood 22 years ago." It does seen wicked to have one 's accumulationa o years thus swept away in a breath. During the pust ten years the U.'S. debt has been decreased from $36.33 per capita, ia 188S, to $14.63, in 1890. Great Britnin oi Sper capita; Russia, ♦30.79; Italy, $76.66; and Belgium, 363.10. As one-half of our debt is made pof non-interest bearing notes, Únele Sam could stand quite a lively war before getting in debt as deeply as its trans-Atlantic neighbors. Judge Caldwell, of the United States circuit court at Kansas City, has decided that life insurance eompanies and associations can not refuse to pay policies where the insured commits suicide, even though the wording of the policy provides that in case of self-destruetion, the same shal] be void, "unless it sha]] he shown that the asured contemplated suicide at the time he took out the policy." The tadiea of the V. C. T. U. a fevv years ago alinost completely stopped the circuí ation of the Pólice Gazette in this city, by going about and requesting thoso who were taking that paper to desist therefrom, umi newsdealers to stop selling the same. And yet, we doubt if that paper ever contained an artille as vile and nasty as one published in last week's Register, purporting to come f rom a correspondent, signed "An Old Subscriber," (whose name it is said lias long been prohibited froia appearing in that paper). The ladies had better do a little home missionary work in tl. e newspaper line. There were forty-four chicken-hearted te representativas who voted No, or in other words against the l)ill restoring ital punishment. As the vote was a tí was tabled and will probably rise ugain. - Observer. Perhaps these so-called "chickenbearted" legislators had been looking Tip statistics aud found that there was as much, if not more crime committed In states where capital punishment is inflicted, than there is in states that have the more civilized method of punisliment. A murderer does not stop to consider whether he will be hung or wliat will be done with him. No jury that ever heard a case will condemn a man to death, if there is the faintest loop-hole, while almost any jury will reason that in imprisonment if there can be any doubt of guilt, the prisoner will have a life time in which to prove bis innocence. Our laws do not need cbancing, hut it would often be better to have them more rigidly enforcod.


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