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Memorial Day

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The observando of Memorial Day, which 0CCUT8 úpon Saturday, May 30th, wil] be held ander tho auspices of Wélch Post, G. A. R. as usual. The decoration of soldiers' gravea will take place in the forenoon in accordance with orders. The literary exercises will be held in University Hall at 2 o'clock p. m. Bharp, local time, and alter the nsual opening will consist of a number of short speeches and selections by comrades and others. Tlie exercises will be interspersed with appropriate music. All military and civic organizati 3 and the public generally are invito bc present. All old soldiers :re invited to particípate with the Post duriug the day. The Memorial sermón will be given by Rev. Henry Tatlock at St. And) church Sabbath morning, May 24th, at 10 :30 o'clock. It is expected that all tnembers of the Post and other old soldiers in the city will asaetnble at the Post lloomsonSunday morning next, at 9:30 a. m., o protO the church in a body. ExECUTIVÏ CoMMITTBB. GENEBAL ORDERS. Ufa . ' i . Ko. 137, i Depaktment of Michigan, G K ANN Akbob, May -s, 1891. ) Is. In obediente to General Orders ï'i-om National Headquarters, Memorial Day, May 30th, will be observed by thia Post. 2d. Each comrade will report ;;1 the Posi Boom at8:30a. m.. Thursday, May 30th, 1891. ■ rüi" Post will proceed to St. Thomas, Fifth Ward, and Forest Ilill eemeteries where services in accordance wiih the Ritual will bc observed. 4th. The comrade8 will assemble ;it the Post Room at 1 :"M p. m., to take part in the services to be observed in University Hall. 5th. All old soldiere are cordially invited to join with us in observing the exercises of the day. (tli. The comrades will assemble at the Post Room on Sunday morning, May 24th, at 10 o'clock a. m.,'for the purpose of attending a memorial service at the St. Andrews' church. By order of H. SOULE.Post Commander. F. Pistorius, Adjutant. GENERAL OKDEKS, NO. 22. HEDACJVAItTERS GRAND ARMV OF) THE KEPIBLIC. RUTLAXD, VT. April 22, 1891. ) 1. Again the warm spring sun reminds us that Memorial Day with its time-honored observance is near at hand. Regulations are so explicit upon tliis subject that no formal order urging this sacred duty upon the Posts is necessary. For the twenty-third time since the 30th of May was designated for this purpose by Comrade Logan, then Commañderñn-Chief, it is our privilege to render special homage to the memory of our Comrades who answer to roí] cali on earth no more, to pledge ourselves anew in united and solemn chorus to the great principies for which they died, and for the perpetuation of which this Mighty Order is now maintaiued. Let no grave be unvisited, no comrade forgotten, and as our chUdrén and children's children shall aak, "What mean ye by this service?" let us point thein to the sacrifices of our comrades whom deatii haa nuiütered out forever, and wli. iso devotion to duty made poasible this golden era of our nation, which today under one flag ia marching on to its glorious destiny; a future assured to this and the coming generations by the conflicts and the victories of the përiod which this day recalls and Bignalizes. Standine by these sacred mounds let ua that never, while the fiowers shall waketolife; while the released waters shall course from the mountains to the sea; while the emancipated earth shall with each retnrning spring, wave its bannerof green; shall these memorials services be unperfonned or the achievements they celébrate be forgotten. Let the day be in no manner diverted from its true purpose, but let it be made to teach to the fullest extent its great lesson of patrio tism, l'. Post Commanders are remindsd tliat their arrangeinents for Memoria] Day ehould invariably include altendance by the Post in a body upon sonie form of divine worship upoii the preceding Sunday. Tliis custom has become, and deservedly so, very general, and its appropriateness and desirability are apparent. Some minister of the Gospel should be invited to deliver a snitable sermón upon this occasion, and Posts should, if practicable, appear iu uniform and display their badges and colors, striving n eveiy way to render this a fitting preliminary to our great annual observance. 3. In eome departments the custom prevails of having the school children co-operate, the session of school preceding Memorial Day bedevoted topatriotic teaching emphasized by the presence at each school of some comrade of the order, and the children asked to share in providing fiowers for the following day, and assured that in so doing they become directly idenüfied with the -worthy services of Memorial Day. It s rei imeuded that Post Commanders, so far as possible, detail comrades in uniforma may appear before each school and brieliy suggest action as above. Commander-in-Chief. J. IÍ. Spaulding, Adjutant-Geiieral.


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