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No strawberries this yearl Jack Frost took them all. The sword of President Fillmore, together with the epaulets he wore, are on exhibition at the Art Loan. ■ One of Rosa Bonheur's paintings, loaned by Gen. Alger to the Art Loan, is valued at upwards of $20,000. The opening of the Art Loan, Saturday, was a great success. It was a gratifying surprise to everybody. Secretary Morton says that it is impossible to get the motor cars running on the Ypsilanti road before June lst. The cold north and east winda of Saturday and Sunday were a terror to apple and other fruit blossonis. Let us all hope that we may have no more such this May. If some one will invent a dandelion pulier or killer and then invent something to make them Btay pulled or killed such a genius will find his true reward, and i bonanza. The dedication of the 2d Bap.tis Church, Sunday, was a great event among the colored people of this city. There was a great niany present from outside the city. Mr. Glover, wliileinDetroitlastThursday, ordered three Healey motors, now being used 0:1 the Jefferson Ave. Street Car Liue in Detroit. Tlioy will be put on the Ypsilanti Line as soon a.s they can be built. AVhat has been known as Cropsey hall is now owned by W. Fred Schlanderer, and he has re-ehristcued it "Custer hall." Mr. S. has generously given the Sewing School freo use of the same every Saturday. The suin of $10,000 lias been raised by private subscription to entertain the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church, which meets in Detroit. It is hoped thatalarge number of the delégales will attend the dedication of McMillan hall, here, on the 23d. Offlcer Schott keeps bis pupila well in hand, and lias i fino lot of elegautly chipped stone for sale. Hia school should have a íar greater number of pupila in it hawever. There are iiuite a number of trampa around that ought to be instructed in this most admirable art. The two year old sim of Byron J. Corbin, of Dundee, formerly of Ann Arbor, naiTowly escaped losing lus hand recentIy. He was sittingonhis mother's lap nearanopen window. He reachedout and pulled the stick that held up the window, causing it to drop on hia hand. Mr. Corbin tried to lift the window, but only after three men were called in was it possible to release the little sufferer. There were no bones broken and the doctor thinks lio can save the hand.- Daily Times. Mayor Doty went to Detroit, Mpnday, to preside overthe deliberationa of the Grand Commandery Knighte Templar of the State, in animal seasion yesterday and to-day, in that city. Itisanunwritten law in that body that no grand Commander ahall be re-elected, thus allowing the honors to be passed alone to other deserving brothers. As past Grand Commander, Mr. Doty, mil be a permanent member of the grand encampment Knighta Templar of the United States, a position that ia the height of the ambitiou of every ambitioua knieht to attain. That body is the supremo legislativo body of the order, and is coniposed of the past Grand Commanders, and also of the Grand Commanders, Grand Generallissimo's and Grand Captains General during their term of office, and meets once in tbree years, or oftener, al the cali of the Grand Master. The next meeting of the grand encampment will be in iugust 1892, in Denver, on which pügriniage all worthy knighta have a great yearnine to set out upon. It is City Treasuror Beakes now. Our peach men are very hopeiul yet of a fair erop. The ordination of Eev. Mr. Waters took place to-day at St. Andrew's church at 10 :30 o'clock. Electricity was turned on the Packard street line to-day, and Sup't Fall will run a car or two out there tlii.s p. in. Next Sunday morning the members of Welch Post, Gr. A. R., will attend service at St. Andrew'a Church ii a body. Alittle daughter of Aid. Martin had an arm broken Monday by fallingfrom i pile of [amber on which she wiis playing. At the firet meeting of the board of flre commissioners, last week, Commissioner Pond was chosen president o board for the enguing year. The young people oí the Disciple's Church, on 8. üniversity Ave, wil] give a social in t!ie church parlors, next Saturday evening, y üOth. The flre department wil at the grounds and street about the Y. M. C. A. building are próperly wet down every morning during the continuance of the Art Loan. At a district tion of Baptist Young Pi at Howell yesterday, 11. A. Powell of this city was electcd a delégate to attend the National Con vention at Chicago July 7-8. Eev. A. S. ( livered au address. The case of Kate L. Moore against WilfroJ 13. Thompson, in which the jury rendered a verdict of $2,500 in favor (f Mis. iloore, has been appealed, and the Supreme Court will now have an opportunity to decide upon ita merits. The celebration of Germán Day will be held in Manchester this year, during either the last week in August or the first week in September. At a recent meeting in Manchester, the following ofiicers were elected : President- Paul G. Suekey. Vico President- Natban Bchmldt. Seeretary- Courad Naumaun. Treasurer- Jolin Koch. Marshal- George Niesele. It is said that all men have their peculiarities. Horace Greeley had a peculiar hand writing, Abraham Lincoln told good stories, and so on, but it rests with one of our citizens, an excellent business man, thoroughly a hustler, and a resident of the 3d ward, to have the most singular peculiarity yet developed. He takes bis chhnneys down to clean them. If you have any doubt about the truth of this item, iuquire of Mr. N. J. Kyer, who is familiar with the gentleman and the circumstances and will teil you all about it. Last Sunday morning a sorry gight met the eyes of gardeners and fruitgrowers in this vicinity. It was nothing more or less than a white frost, and a nipper at tliat. The injury seenied to be greater above than on the earth. Grapes were tlioroughly cooked and it is thought that uil kinds of fruits are more or less injured. That uight's work has cost the poople oí this section thousanda of dollars. It is certainly disconraging for any one attempting to raise fruits. Word was received here, Saturday, that Gov. Winans had ordered the disbandment of Company A. The news made some of the members feel quite bitter, but the great majority of our citizens feel that the governor has pursued the best course possible to take iu the matter. There are some excellent young men who wero members of the old company, but as in all such cases the many have to suffer l'or the overt acts and hot-headedness of the few, and the unfortunate collision with the Btudents last winter, resulting in the deatli of Young Dennison, placed the Company as a whole in abad light beíore the people, not only in Ann Arbor, butin tho State at large. The Company will be assembled to-night for disbandment. Tho Union will closi of coueerts Saturday Muy 30 by a grand performance of the greatest living poser, Th iption by Chas. Gounard. When it is realizad that the Choral Union in point of numbers, oceupies a position ia the front rank of chorouses in the country, that the solosts engaged are all of then of extended reputation, that the orehestra will be made up of at cast forty-flve pi men- carefully drilled on the work, it ia not too mueli to say that such an event ought and must excite a wide-spread interest. The chorus is full of asm and determmed that this concert shall be the (inest choral concert ever given in the State. It is absolutely necessary that this concert shall begin at 7:30 instead of the usual hour, as Mrs. Walker is obliged to take the 9 :45 train east to fill important engagements. It is expected that about 200 visiting brothers from Oriental Lodge, F. & A. M., No. 240, will arrive here by special train this evening at ahout 7 o'clock. Thoy will be met by the reception committee from Fraternity Lodge and escorted to masonic temple, where work on the 3d degree will be at once commenced. After labor the craft will {be called to refreshment, covers beins lai.l for300. Jimius E. Beal will act as toastmaster. The committeos for the eveniug are as follows : An-uiurommfs-W. M.,( B. Davison; 8. W., . Ii. Price; J. W., W. II. Dorrance, Reception- J. E. Beal, Prof. M E Oooley, W. II. Dorranue, Dr. F. E. Ñovv and Don A. Root. Banquet and Flowers- W. R. Price II. G. Prettyman, R. P. Lamont. Caterer- H. G. Prettyman.


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