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Rev. Dr. C. A. Briggs

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America'a theological world bas nol been stirn d Eor a long time as t is uow by the famous Briggs Case. Nobody whe has watehed the rising storma in Presbyterian Church against Dr. Briggs will hesitate to acknowledge that a conflict is coming, in which the eonservative and liberal parties are to meet for the testing of their strength, and the subject matter over which they are contending, though nominally the revisión of the Westminster confession, is in point of fact the acceptance or rejection of the new construction of the Bible, reached through its Bcientific and histroical criticsm. Dr. BriLts is at the head of tlie liberal school and liis inaugural address at the Presbyterian Seminary, certainly was a strong performance, and it now seem as if he were going to be tried for heresy. To silenee such a man as Dr. Briggs, withdraw from hún the encouragement of his church, impair liis asefulness, because he thinks this or that dogma ought to be modifled, so that it will act more efficiënt, and the saine has such a flavor of intolerance, that the community is startled. He bas advanced uothing which Dr. Driver, Prol. Sanday, Dr. Cheyne, and Dr. Kobertson Smith bas not taughtto the present race of studente of the Bible, and the movement he is urging forward is a moveinent coininon to intelligent minds everywhere. W'hat inay be done with Dr. Briggs, either in the General Assembly by the New York Presbytery, we' cannot teil, hut with the sitüation as it is, it is not to be regretted that the issuo has leen forced in the form of a eensure of his efibrt to clear away the difticulties that prevent the thorough and comprehensivo study of the sacred writings.


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