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Those "good Old" Times

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The following, froni J. H. Clinton, of Kussell, Iowa, gives the experieuce of a firm doing business in Indiana, in the good old free trade democratie times of 1839. Compare these .prices with our ownandsee how you like thetn. Farmers are espeeially interested : Herewith are submitted the prices of a few articles bought in 1839 under the very same kind of a Tariff our Democratie friends seek to impose on us now. I have in my possession the ledger of a mercantile firm who kept a general stock at that time, but who, with hundreds of others, were forced to the wall on account of the utter stagnation of business that prevailed everywhere throughout the country. The place where this business was carried on was on a navigable river, and doubtless these prices are as low as goods were sold at that time. Though worn and musty with age, this old ledger speaks eloquently of the results of democratie supremacy. The followiug are a few trices gleaned from many others fouud in this ledger of 52 years ago : Kentucky jeans, per yard $1.75 (iingham " $0.37' to .50 Flannel " - - .75 Calicó " .Si'Aio .50 Jacconet " 1.00 Blind bridk-s. eacb ï.so Stlrrnps, pair LS5 Bridle bits, each 1.00 Corkscrews " - . C'offee milis " - 1.75 Cow bells ' .63 Axes " 2.50 Hoes " .0:-! Spool thread " .13 Fur hals " -Í.00 to .00 Fur caps " 5jM Wool hats ' 1.25 Koots, pair 5.00 to 5.50 Xails, lb .18 Shot '■ .13 Lead " _ .18 Resin " .25 Indigo'1 3.00 Salta ■ _ .25 Ginger" .75 Steel " .25 At the same time all the producís of the farm were ruiuously low. Wheat, 35 cents per bushei: cora, 10; pork, $1.25 per cwt. dreased ; best horses, $40 each ; fatcattle, $1 to$1.25 per cwt. All these prices occurred under nominal free trade. Do the people want a recurrenee of this condition of affairs ? If so, let them reinstate the democratie party in power and their fondest hopes will be fully realized.


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