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For Horseback Riders

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Avoid the drives wbenever posslble. The ground is harder than in the brldie pafhs and vour horse is more lLable to slip. It stings your horses' feet to cantei'. or even trot fast, over a hard surf ace. Nevar spup your horse to make him "show off." Those you think are admiring your horsemanship are undoubtedly jeering at you as a simpleton. your horse quiet, yet well up to the bit bespeaks a steady hand, a firm seat and, in fact, an accomplished rider. Do not rush by a lady. Her horso grows excited at the rapid approach of another and is Hable to bolt. If you cannot ride well without the aid of Btirrups don't put on spurs. More casualties have resulted f rom spurs than any other cause. Your horso shies, you lose your balance, your spurs prode his flanks and. naturally, he runs away. Horse and rider both lose their heads and the chancea are you may both lose your Uves. Unless it is absolutely necessary, never dismount in a park or on the road when aceompanied by a ladj. If there be anything1 amiss with her habit, eaddle or bridle the evil can be remedied just as well mounted. Should the lady's saddle have turned, that is. of course. another matter, and the best thing to do is walk slowly until a policeman is met or until a friendly stroller comes along, who will keep an eye to the horse while you work at the girths. Nothing is so awkward as "toes turned out." Keep your elbows close to your sides. Increase or diminish pressure on the bit by movement of the'wrist. You cannot control a horse by physical strength. For morning rides wear a derby; in the afternoon a silk hat. Leggings, sack or top coat and derby are harmonious. trousers, cutaway coat and silk hat are another combination. Let your horse know that a bicycle will not harm him. Permit him to stand quietly as the machine goes by and, meanwhile, pat him on the neck or shoulder and speak to him kindly. -


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