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Food For Brain Workers

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The intellectual worker needs plenty of light, digestible fooA, such as fish, poultry, eggs, game, fruit and the succulent vegetables. The proper diet for all sedentary people is an early and entire supply of digestible food, including plenty of cereals and fruit. A cup of some warm drink should be taken just before rising, or as soon aa it can be prepared and positively uo work Bhould be done until after breakfast. As the digestive organs are most active early in the day, a secón d j hearty but digestable meal can be eaten at noon, if an hour's rest intervenes ' before continued labor or exercise. The afternoon work should be light. and part of the time passed out of doors. A light digestable dinner may i follow about nightfall. and the evening bo devoted to recreation or social relaxation, When any night work is contemplated, food should be taken about midnight and again at á&wu, when the vital forccs fail - "That sail. siill hour before tbo davn, When old men die nnd l)i!ies are born." SpecirJ care should be taken to insure plenty of pure air and light; strong meats and drinks should be avoided, and abundance of milk used, with eggs, fruit and fresh vegetables and salads. "There aro some queer tilinga about when you come to know them Intimately," said Dr. Coues, stroking his long, light beard refloctivoly. "Now, one would naturally conclude that words of flf teen or twenty syllables, such as basiokeratochondroglossns, the oame of a muscle at the root of the longue, and dacryocystoyringotoiny, ihe name of a surgicál operation on the tear duet of the oye, would be most ïitlicult for the to manige. Nothing could be further from the fact. The most difficwlt words we have to define are those of two and three letters. The truth is, like some people, they are so simple that there is nothing by which you can describe hem."


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