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How Old Is An Old Maid

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The Pittsburg Commercial-Gazelte asks: When does a íuaiden becoiiie at old maidP Ah, thero's the pub! If somebody will determine this poini the social world will feel a shock of relief and then go whirling on more smoothly than ever. You who have never been old raaids, und never will be, have no idea of the worry a certain class of women endure. As they approach the 80-year-old period they begin to get nervous and show signs of impatienee. They will not admit that they are scared, but by their eagerness to attract attention and the earnestness with which they discuss matrimonial and kindred topics it is quite apparent that they are merely whistlingto keep their courage up. If they only knew that worry and anxiety bring wrinkles, Irrítate the nerves. and disturb the circulatlon they would ti-y to be calm. Nervousness ages thera more than hard work, uhile disturbed circulation is a sure destróyer of good complexion. It used to be thought that a girl had lost her best opportunities if she wero not married before reaching the age of 21; but that notion has been effectually upset. She may sail along safely until she is 30 and if she don't fret and worry herself into a fright she can even go several years longer without being branded with the obnoxious letters. O. M. Tkere are old maids who haven't een twenty summers and there are maidens who have seen forty winters who are not old maids. It is a condition of mind and heart rather than a question of years. The records of the license court jhow that a very large majority of American women marry between the ages of 20 and 80, with more over tha latter age than under the former. With foreigners it is different. The women marry anywhere f rom 14 to 20. Hungarians and Poles are given to early marriages. Old men marry young bits of girls, but old women rarely young men. The Hungarian wants a wife to help him make a living, and he wants her to be strong and healthy. Their wives know what is expected of them, and assume the burdens of wifehood with the feelings of one entering upon a lifelong servitude. American women look upon it as the beginning of the best and most enjoyable part of life.


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