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An Iron Cage For A Jail

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The jaü at Ocala, Fia. , consists of a Dig iron cage set in i room about twenty feet square and ton teet high. The cage is of nut bars of iron about three inches wide, which run in both directions, whilo the spaces ben are no widi i the widsh of the bars. The whole cage is about fifteen feet square i il sevenfeet high. It is divided into tlecompartments each less than thirty inchea wide and half tho depth of the caye. Each compartment holds two jn-isoners. Two iron shelves, one above the other, which at night are suspended from the top of the cage in each compartment, Berve as beds. When the beds are hunfi of oourse they practically fill the entii'e compartment. When visited the other day twenty priKoners were conünod in this cage. Six of them were murderers awaiting trial. The Bwarmiog cage Inoked like a torturepen tilled wlth victima ready for some gacrifloe.


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