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And the winds of tho world mado ansvrer, North, sontb and east and west: "Wherever thenj's wcalth to covct, Or laúd that can be possess'd; Whcrcvcr aro sa vage races To cozen, coerce and scare, Yo shall iind tho vaunted ensign, For tho Euglish flag 3 therel "Aye, it waves o'er the blazing hovela Whenoe Afrioan victima fly, To be shot byoxploeive imllcts, Or to wretchedly Btarve and dlel And w tiere the bó&ohoombsr barrica The isles of I lic southern sea. At tho peak of his hellish veaBol 'Tis the English flag llics Lree. "Tis Maori iull oft hath cursed it Witli his bitterest dylng breath, And the Arab has hissed hi - dat red Aa ho spits at its folds in deatu. The hapless Fellah baa feared it On Tel-el-Kebir'e parched plain, And tho Zulu's blood lias staiui'd it With a deep, indelible stain. "It has floated o'er scènes of pillage, It bas linunted o'er deeds of shamc, It has waved o'er tho feil marauder As he came with sword and flamc; It has looked upon ruthless slaugbtcr. And inassacres dirc and grim; It has heard the shricks of tho victims Drown even tho Jiugo hynin. "Whcro is the flag of England? Seek tho Lands wheri: the nativos rot; Where docay and assured extinction Must soon bo the people's lot. Go! search for the once glad islands Whero diseaso and death aro rife. And the greed of callous commerce Now battens on human lifel "Where is the flag of England? fio! sail where rich galleons come With shoddy and 'loaded' cottons. And beer and Bibles and rum. Go, too, where brute f orco has triumphed. And hypocrisy makes its lair. And your question will find its answer, For tho flag of England is there!" - London Truth. The Flag of England. KIPI.INO'8 ANSWER TO rONDON TRUTH. Winds of the World, give auswer! They are whimpering to and fro- And what should they know of England who only England know? The poor little street bred pcople that vapor and fumo and brag, They are lifting their heads in the stillness to yelp at the English Flag. The Nort h Wind blew: "From Bergen my steel shod vanguards go; I chase your lazy whalers home from the Disko floe; By tho Great North Lighte above me I work tho will of God, And tho liner splits on the ice field or the Dogger filis with ood. "Tho lean white bear hath seen it in the long, long Arctie night, The niusk ox knows tho Standard that flouts the Northern Light; What is the Flag of England? Ye have bat my bergs to dare, Ye have but my drifta to conquer. Go forth, for it is there!" Tho South Wind sighed: "From the Virgins my midsea course was ta'en Over a thousand islands lost in au idle main, Where the sea egg flames on the coral and the long backed breakers croon Their endless oceau legenda to the lazy, locked lagoon. "My basking sunflsh know it, and wheeling albatrogs, Where the lone wave filis with fire beneath the Southern Cross. What ia the Flag of England? Ye have butmy reefa to dare, Ye have but my seas to furrow. Go forth, for it is there!" The East Wind roared: "From the Kurlies, the Bitter Seas, I come, And me men cali the Home Wind, for I bring the English home. Look- look well to your shippingl By the breadth of my mad typhoon I swept your close packed Praya and beached your best at Kowloon! "The desert du?,t hath dimmed it, the flying wild ass knows, The scared white leopard winds it across the taintless snows. What is the Flag of England? Ye havo but my sun to dare, Ye havo but my sands to travel. Go forth, for it is there!" The West Wind called: "In squadrons the thoughtless galleons fly That bear the wheat and cattle lest street bred people die. They maio my might their porter, they make my house their path, And I loso my neck from their service and whelm them all ín my wrath. MBut whether in cal m or wrack wreath,whether by dark or day, I heave them whole to tho conger or rip their platea away. First of tho scattered legions; under a shrSeking sky, Dipping between the rollers, the English Flag goesby. "The dead dumb fog hath wrapped it- the frozen dews have kissed- The naked stars have seen it, a íellow star in the mist. What is tho Flag of England? Ye have but my breath to dare. Ye have but my waves to conquer. Go forth, for it is there!" - Rudyard Kipling. A White Rose. Tho red rose whispers of passion, And the white roso breathes of love; Oh, the red rose is a falcon. And tho white rose is a dove. But I send you a cream white rosebud. With a flush on its petal tips; For the love that is purest and sweetesi Has a kim of desire ou the lips. -John Boyle O'Reilly. Fallare. Have you heard that it was good to gain th1 day? I also say it is good to fall; battles are lost in the same spirit in which thfcy are won. I beat and pound for the dead, I blov through my embouchures my loudest andgayest for th Vivas to thoso who have fail'd] And to those whose war vesselssank in the soa! And to thoso themselves who sank in the sea! And to all generala that lot engageineuts, a:nl all overeóme heroesl And the numberless unknown héroes cqual to the grcate&t héroes known! -Walt Whitman. A Homlly. Bc to every man just - and to woman Be gentío and tender and truc; For thine own do thy best, but for no man Do less than a brother should do. So living thy days to full numlur, In peace thou shalt pass to thy grave; Thou shalt lie down and rest thee and sïutnber - Beloved, loving hearted and brave. - Samuel Waddington. l't-ss'niïist, and Optimist. This one sits sliivering in Fortunc's smiïe, Taking hla Joy with bated, doubtful breath; Tliis other. gnawcd by hanger, all tho while Laughs in the teetli of Death. - Thomas Hailey Aldrich. God Is Truc. Than garbtad textor parchmcnt scroll, I own a Btatnte higher, And God is true, though every book Aud evary man's a Liar.


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