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A Queer Family

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A?.;-iTr c ;: (Pa. n . , the Phila bia Inqnirer s: . People in this Iocalit3r claim to havo limong them the queerest family as to physieal peculiarity in the whole country. .lacub liiers. a farmer in moderate eire.;: has seven chüdren. The oldeht i.s sixteen, a bright boy, but having thirteen Sngers and thirteen toes - seven on one hand and .six on the other, his toes being- simüarly divided. Next to bira is another boy, fourteen years old. As long as this boy is quiet no one would suppose he had any peeuliarily, but the moment he opens his mouth to talk he [oses all control of his hands, arms, j feet and leg-s, and they jerk and thrash and kiek around as ii thej' were hung on wires. The boy is as slow of speech as his imbs are active, and in answering a simple question it is no uncommon thing for his legs to have carried him a rod or more away befdre he is able to articúlate yes or no. The boy does not seem to mind his af3iction, and not only does not hesitate to respond or try to, when he is addressed, but is always ready to begin a conversation on the slightest excuse. lic can be seen almost any day argning with or explainingsome point to some T,j3panion, who is kept constantly busy oither in avoiding the involuntary kicks or blows of the boy's sprightly feet or hands or in i Mm briskly to keep the run of the subject. The third child is a girl, who is a hunehback and a dwarf. She is twelve years oíd. A boy next to her is deaf and durub. The flfth child luis a bright red birthmark her neck like a piece of red flannel. It is an inch and a half wide. The other two children are twins, three months old - a boy and a fiirl. The boy's head is covered with hair enough for a grown person, wliile the girl hasn't the sign o? a hair upon the head, the little poll being as white and shiny as a billiard ball. The girl is fat and the boy lean. When the boy laug-hs the girl cries lustily, and when his little sister is merry the boy sheds tears and yells. Every one of these seven children is handsome and mentally brig-ht. Mrs. Uiers is a fine-looking woman, and her husband is sound physically and mentalb?.


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