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W. L DOUGLAS $3. SHOE Best in the World. S V Awarded the medal for superior mnlitv of material j S V :iml proficiency in orUniaiish i over all othcr shoe f. J I W ' exhibirá, by the MaHsacliusrttx C'haritable MeII SI V.A chanics' AHsociation, Jtunton, 1890. (J'Zm For GENTLEMEN. ê lk por LADIES. 5 .00 2ïïu fmmm S3.oo Hand-S.w,d. ■ UU Welt Shoe. WA, 2.50 Dongola. 8J Crt Pólice and SÊÈhJËk SO Af Eltra jiVV Farmer. lUU TaJaa. $a en Eitra VaIue 1 TK .oï1 2.ÖU CalfShoe. mm. ■ MmiO MISSES. So OC S For BOYS' &YOUTH'S. .Oman'.Sho.. j W O & $l 75 2.Ü0 Shoe. iWHPPlpr SCHOOL SHOES. - W. 1,. Douslaa Shoos for Gentlemen are made In Congreu, Button and Lace, sized 9 to 11. lncludlng half sizes au ü wldttis, and all styles of toe. Boys' slzes 1 to 5 1-3, and youtb'a 11 to 13 1-2, also half tlzet In each. V. I.. DiiuahiH $3.00, 82.50 and 82.00 Shoea for I,nilio are made In "Opera" and "American Common Sense.'r Slzes 1 to 7, and half slzes : C (eicept In &2.50 shoe), D, E, BE widths. VV. L. Douclas S1.7.Í Shoe for !)Imie, lito 2 and half slzes, regular and spring heels. OAIITIONT BEWARE OF FRAED. Do you want to wear the genulne W. L. DOÜGLAS w#%W ■ IVrlV ■ SHOES? If go, read thia caution carefully. W. L. Douglas1 name and the prlce are atamped plalnly on the bottom of all hls advertleed shoes before leavlng the ractory, whlch protects ths wearer agalnst high prlces and Inferior goods. If a shoe dealer attempts to sell you ehoes without W. L. , Douglat' name and the price stamped on the bottom, and claims they are hls make, do not be decelvea thereby, although the dealer may be your personal f rlend, put him down as a f raud. It in a du ty you owe to yourself and your famlly during the9e hard times, to get the most value for your money. You can economlze In your foot-wear if you purchase W. L. Douglas Shoes, whlch, without question, represent a greater value for the money than any other make In the world, as thousands who have worn them wlll testlfy. Wanted - A lonal agent in every city and town in the ï'. S. not already occupied Correapondence invited. If local advertÏHPd agent cannot supply you, take no others, but send direct tof actory, encloslng advertised price. To Order by Mail, Gentlemen and Boys will state size usually worn, style and wldth deslred. Lailles will please state style deslred, size and width usually worn, and If a snug or loose at Is preferred. Mlsses size and kind of heel. W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass. For dale by Ann Arbor.


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