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The Two Sams

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" No man is so foolish but he inay give another good counsel sometimes; and no man is so wise but he may easily m-, if he will take no other counsel but his own." - Ben Johnson. We are neither your lawyci or physician, but can offer you advice, which if yon will accept and follow, will bnng dolĂ­ais in y onr pocket, and make you feel contented with yourself and neighbors. We know we can assist you in the above, if you will give us the opportumty. We can show you the best line of CLOTHING, ME2PS FUBN1SHING COODS AND HATS ever offered ander one roof. We can save you time and worry by pleasmg you, m what you may be in want of, without the bother and worry of shopping or looking around. We can save you money on whatever you may wish to jmrchase, as we buy our goods right, and can affoid and do sell them with as small a maigin as any merchant m our line. We are ever willing and ready to show what we have and quote our prices, knowing that they will be lower than you can buy them elsewhere, and to those who are looking for any goods m our line, we will fully convince them that the above f acts are true. L. BLITZ. We shall offer two special drives in Silk Handkercliiefs. Drive No. 1. - 10 Doz. Black Crepe Initial Silk Handkercliiefs, Large Si ze. Begular price $1.25, for 50c each. Drive No. 2. - 18 Dozen Fancy Bordered Silk Hnndkerchiefs . Begular $1.00 grade, at 50c each. SEE OUB SHOW WIND OW SATUBDAY.


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