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REPORT OF THE GONDITION OP THE k arte Sarágs hú At Ana Arbor Michigan, at tlie close of business, May t. "'.il. RE8OUIU l. Loans and dlscounts $481,333 TI .Stocks. Ikhm!h, mortgfi Bto. - 244,816 2! Overdrafta ïu.i.i-j 26 Purniture and Sxtures Current expenses and taxes 2,288 i'. CASH. Due froin banks in reserve cltles $101. lio ín) Due froni otliur banks and bankers 1,785 88 Checka and caso items ul".i .-o Nickt'ls and pennies 141 53 Gold coin 1".iki0 do Silver 2,K00 00 r. s. and National Bank Notes- 15,868 00$187,058 0.r $837,567 27 LIABILITIES. Capital stock it 50,000 00 8nrplua fund 100,000 00 Dndivided profit .;;;.:'.:;'.! H7 Unpald ilixi 00 DBPO8IT8. Commercial deposits $169,788 82 Savings deposits 455,535 90 Certificatee of deposits z,■l 58648371 ".() ÍS27,567 27 8TATK )F MICHIGAN, Couuty oí Washtenaw, as. I, Charles E. Hlscock, (asliier of the above aamed bank do solemnly swear that the aboye statement is true to the best of juv knowledge and belief. chas. B. HI8COCK, cashier. ComcU-AUett: christianMack, L. Gkuner, W. II. (ÍAEEIMAN, Directors. Bubecribed andsworn to before me, thlsttb day of May, 189] UÏCHAEL J. PEITZ, Notary Public. ■■ fíOOO.OO a yrnr la hpinp mnrlr hy Jnhn R. M. flaFfci oo(lwin,'lroy,N.Y.,nt(,ik furus. Heatier. Kk Lk yoU tliny nöt tllllke ■ niucli, l.nt e mn UA ÏB tfach you quickly how lot-urn from Ï6 to ■L kV ü a 'ln-v nt "Ie BHrI flll(1 ne as yon po jB'F H UL r'n' '"''1 Bt'icn, all apt-g. In (uiv part uf ■H fltfAmerica, you eau ci.nim, tn e t bomt, pivH JM, WW'" nU yuur tin.ieir al):lrl: t-nts only to LSr ' verv Vt' l""rt yiifnrnisliiiiff T%MHrL PAiiïKTLAvs riiix. Ád,'ir,', „'i",1,',1,! ','' 1UHA_mi.'us : tu., I'Outlani), k,u.m:.' CoMMISaiONERS' NoTICE. STATE OP MICHIGAN, ( ouiiiy ol Washtenaw, s. s. The underslgned havlng been appolnted by the Probate Court for said County, OommisBioners to receive, examine .- l : i l adjust all claims and demanda oi al] persons against the estáte of Herbert M. Frost, late of said county deceased, hereby gives aotlce that bIx months frons date are allowed, by order of said Probati Court, for Credltore to present thelr claims against the estáte of said deceased, and that they wlll meet at the Btore of E. A. Calklns, In the city of Ann Axbor, n said county, on Monday the 27th day of July and on Tuesday the 27tb day m' October ae ■: at ten o'cloct a, sald days, to recelve, examine and adjust Baid Dated, April i!7. 1891. . CALKINS. AIiVl ('OHM. Estáte of Mae y Ans Pebbles. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Couuty of Washte naw, B8. aesslon of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw. holden ut the Probati Office ín the iiy of Ann Arbor, on Saturday, the plxteentb day of May. in the year on thousand eight hundred and nlnetj one. Present, J. Wlllard Babbltt, Judge oí Pro bate. in the matter of the estáte "f Mary Aun Pebbles deceased. On readlng and flllngthi petltlon, duly verlfled, of Maria ü. Gllberl praylng thal a oertain Instrument uow on lilr la thts coart, purportlng to be Hiu lust 11 and testament of sald deceased, may beadmltted to probate, and that admlnlB tratlon of sald estáte may be granted to Maria J. Gllbert executrix or to some other nultable person. Thereupon it Is ordered, that Monday, the flfteentb day of June next, at ten o''clock in the forenoon, be asslgned for the hearing of sald petitlon and that the devlsees, legatees and heirs ut law of Baid deceased, and all other persons Interested In suiil estáte, ari required to appear ut u sesslon of said Court, Enen to be holden at the Pro Office, in the City of Ann Arbor and show cause, if un y there be.why theprayerof thepetltloner should not be granted: And Itlsfurthei ordered, that Baid petltloner glve notloe to the persons [nterested In said estáte, of the pendency of said petltlon, and tin' hearlng thereof , by causlng a copy of tliis order to be publlshed in the Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper prlnted and clrculating in said County, i oree successive u eeks previoua to said day of hearing. l. truecopy.] J. WII.LAIUi HAHHITT. Judge of Prooate. 'V-'l. (;. IK1TY, i'roiiute Register. THIS PAPER s?: ■ ■■■V 1 nl kil KOWELL & CO'S Kewspaper Advertisüig Bureau (10 Spruco 6treet),whereadver. ■■■■■■■ wnt%9P tishiBcontractsraay HCUf VfllMK be made for it iu ilCVff lUIIIVs


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