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Real Estate Transfers

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J. W. & H. Jones to E. A. Butler, Dexter- 100 H. M. Patullo to " " 50 E. B. Seyroour to C. Boutelle, Ypsilanti- . 39 J. C. Goodrich to Jacob Sauter ' 31 W. H. Fay to M. Danford " 1,000 J. C. Goodrich to W. R. Davis " 76 to Beruard Griffin " 160 L. A. Calhoun to G. W. Slayton, Jr., " 200 Sarah Moore to E. H. Calkius, Ann Arbor, 1,000 J. C. Goodrich to A. E. Jacksou, Ypsilanti. 180 to J. S. McGrath " 95 Chas. Fantle to Wm. P. Groves, Ann Arbor 6,050 V. W. Mason to Howe & Bough. Ypsilanti.. 600 Maek & Schmid to M. & M. Klais. Ann Arbor 850 .las. T. Babcock to John Feiner, Ann Arbor 710 E. Elsasser to Daniel Hiscock " " 50 Chas. Fuller to H. Ostrander, Augusta 155 J. C. Goodrich to G. A. & N. M. Savery Ypsilauti .". 80 Geo. C. Douglass to L, E. Haviland, Superior 100 R. Kempf to G. and A. M. Heiber, Freedom 1 0. B. Hall to P. D. and C. P. Woodruff, Ann Arbor 500 Peter Heiber to Fred. Trenkle, Freedom.. 300 .1. C. Goodrich to (has. W. Glover, Ypsilanti 420 1. e. Goodrich to Adam Scharer, Ypsilanti 278 Catherine Palmerton to ' " 300 Geo. Goss to Nicohlas Weber, Scio, 400 J. C. Goodrich to F. P. Kenney, Ypsilanii, 35 to A. T. Seymour " 194 Thas. Seely to Julia D. Frost, Ann Arbor 50 Jas. Spencer to Andrew Ernest, Sharon 1 James Stilson to H. X. Stillson, Northfleld 1,000 to " " 200 8. S. Cowlesby Exr. to PhoebeO'Reilley Ann Arbor 2,575 Myrta Blaich to Jno. Beissel Jr. Chelsea 1 John Beissel Jr. to Geo Blaich, " i ('. and C. Doss to the Evangelical Lutherean Church, Whittaker 0 Alex. Frazer to T. A. A. and N. M. R. R. Co., Northfield 1 J. Rauschenberger to T. A. A. and N. M. R. K. Co., Northfield i J. C. Goodrich to J. H. Clarke, - 40 to E.H. Wint " 3 John F. Eastwood to Aurther Dunn, Ann Arbor 2,900 I. C. Goodrich to Peter Grubinville Ypsilanti 120 D. O. Baker to A. B. Harrison, Augusta 1,000