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l'nii'. Eelsey was made very 11 last Saturday by enting carmed salmón. Capt. J. F. Schuh has purchased the residence of Prof. Beaman on S. I-'ifth ave. The total receipts of the Art Loan were $2,660, and the expenditure, it is thought will be lesa than $300. Monday eveuing Fr. Fierle was made the recipiënt of au ebony faut' with gold head, an umbrella with gold handle, and a paree with $620 in gold inside it. These were certainly inarks of affection, and the recipiënt was tnuch effected by their presentation. The manner in which the (Jniversity boys welcomed the base ball team home last evening, from tl ie east was an cyc opener. Al least hut few people eould sleep any. The cause of the great i(ijoicing was the fact that the team dfeated the Harvard nine Monday by a score of 4 to 3, and the Harvarde are the eaHtern chainpions. The suit of David Henning against the city fordamages to lus property resulting from the building of the bridge over the M. ('. I!. 1!. tracks on Detroit street, has been discontinuad by him. When Mr. Henning ca to think the matter over he found that he could not have the heart to quarrel with bis many old friends here at bis old home, and so he bas withdrawn the action against the city but will continue it ayainst the railroad company. This is i kind act of Mr. Henning, and oue fór crhich he ought to receivo and will receivc the the thanka of our citiaeDs. As the day expresa going cast on the M. C. K. pulled into the station Monday ]i. m., at about 6 o'clock, a man named Joseph Beek attempted to jump off the train, before it stopped, and strikintr against the bridge support was knocked back under the train, and so injured that he died Tuesday morumg, bis righi leg near the knee being cruihed. He was attended by Dr. Hroakey and taken immediately to the hospital, but his injuries were so severe that he could not recover. His cries were pitiful to hear, so intense was the pain í e suffered. It is sail that lic had been rMiug between the tender and tlip mail ar. lic was a needie peddler, by occuHition, about 28 years of age, a native of London, Eng., and liad relatives in Trenton, N. J., and friends in Detroit. He was neatly dressed and a man of good appearance.


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