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In Memoriam--agnes

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Calm.ahe died as l i-l the lillies ïliat residu their Uves all fair du the altar silent, lioly .Neutli the taper's rniidy triare. Mute, the roses nestled loving Round her in her white bed v. .ut Ing sweetesl fragrance, ïentle Cbantlng requiems at her b Glotved, tbe Jlay sun's morning bright, snit Bhe heard sweet .lesns cali Leave thy treasures, Leave those Dei Pather, mot her. dear ones, all, Then her spotleas spirit, simple, Bowed in tHloration low, her Father'i will was spoken. Lo! He calis me! I mus t go. Like the snow-fleeoed lamb. as gentle, Near tlie crystal brook's "till side Lovely, as thy name, 3weet Aunes Jiorne by Him. wlio for th lied Like unto thy natrón yonthful Thy. espousals h Ith Heaven's Klng Xow, tho martyr'a palm thou beari Deslres ëaru thy auptial ring. Bad, the evenlng shadee low bendlng i brow of pallld u hite, W'hile the tapera gild a halo Round thal tace oí radian) light. Pur ir ihan the lily raimenl : Ie the sunllght of that tace: Calm and stijl its marl. ie beauty Beaming with inmortal grace. Humble as the azure violet; Blooming in the forest shades Where no eye hatb ever rested In, lovellness unconscloua fades. Ah : how Bweetly dld the Bowere Crown her onlier bridul day, jsriKM tneir HiK's of tinted beauty Played around her where shc lay. Kneeling, lost ín grief unspoken, Parenta bowed their hrau iu prayer, - the sad hearts of companiona Told their love In tear drops there. like wblspera of pnre angela Seemed to Boat o'ei each -ad soul, And Bweet hope and resfarnation O'ereacb spirit seemed to roll. Llke in days now flown forever Seemed her silcnt liis to speak Farewell, tender Iovíiik father, Farewell, mother, gentle, meek. Tlu'ii the waien hande, quiet, f olded Seemed to move In blegslng tnere. Soft. they waved a part Ing; loving God, keep thee ever in Bli care, Quiet, the hush, now all is over, Let om' bappy Agnes sleep close bealde her brlght-eyed sister Where their angela ylgfl keep All fulfllled her i'arly yearnlng Now the vhrin's erowu ahe wears, Now the virgin's chant slie slngg, While the Iilly palm she bears. Where baptisxnal deun onceglistened Kverlasung rabies shine. And theeyeflde closed iü darkness One' in ecstasy divine (in her God's unveiled splendor. On the Wonl's own glory liriabt her soul in eeli-oblivion Kests in uever dreamed delight. Sad the loving heart and silent, i uNt in death to earth resign i i ia the last notes oíithe requiem i--iit the B&crliice divine. Gently bear her trom the altar Where bersou) that presence feit, Wmpt in Bweetest contemplation Where inlife so of't she Knelt. Brokeu hearts, monrn not her blise, Heaven'a aunllght glad shal] gli ïhronph lii'e's oloude of dark-robed sorrow, Brlght eterual ïnornini; beam. And yoir augel at God's portal tí reet you in one long embrace Rennited In tlmt moment Wlien you sraze on God'd own face. MICHIGAN L1TY. MAY 10, 1891.


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