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The Davis Millions

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The suit for the fortune left by A. J. Davis is now on it Butte City, Mont. Cuses ol' such magnitude are ra" e in the Western country. Xot Bince the lamous Bharon-Hill breach-of-promise suit lias the West Leen stirrcd Uto the present extcnt over B snit it lavv. Then, too, the a?e is one of oatioual imporlance. The legal talent tuua-. u will cost the litigante in the neighborliood ot' $10,00 ) a day. On ihe side of the contestants there are Inersoll the orator, Warren Toole of Helen i.brothei1 of the Governor of the Mate: State Senator Woolson ana Mr. Payne of the State of Iowa., Mr. Stapleton of lUitle, and Mr. Root of New York. On the other side there are Jude Trimble of KeoUulc, Judgu Woolworth of Omaha, United States Senator Sanders of Helena, Mts ra Forbea and Kirkpatrlck ol Butte, and Mr. Smitii of Calitornia, whose wife is one of the claimants. John Sconce is also there. John is one of the characters in the case. He is the witness by tvhom the prononents pi'Oposecl to prove tlie genuineness of the will alx.ut' wliich all tliis hubbub has been made and on wbicb hingesthe whole case, lie sa}-s lie saw A. J. Davis sig-n ït. The contestant deny the autlienticity ol' the will. Sconce witnessed tlie .signinfi of the document, so he snys, and he s tlie only livinRwitness to (he paper. The conteslants propose, when tlie time comes, so tliev alíese, to show np the characterof Sconce in a manner which will malee the jury wbittle awayagood deal of pine wood be.'ore they consent to accept his testimony. The other side are endeavoring to prove the opposile. They have twentysix witoessea vvho will swear that' Sconce is an lionest and God-fearing man, and some of them will say that they savv the will si-ued by A. J. I ;nis uní witneased by John'Sconce. Senator Wo.lson ar:d"3Ir. Payne of Iowa are underiakinfí to show up the scars on Sconce, as Sconce once lived in Iowa. Judfíe Trimble, who also liails f rom Iowa, is Jooking alter Sconce. líence tlie breathless interest of Iowa in this case, which is made the more intense by the fact that tile dead millionaire lived there and made lus beginning ín that State. And so the case (roes on. IIow it will end isa question. There is only one thing certain. The lawyers will get a portion of the fortune before it reacbes the hands of the rigbtful owner orowners.


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