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A SCROFULOÜS BOY Running Sores Covered His Bod; and Head Bonea Affected. Cured by Cuticura Remedies. AVlu.-n six inontlis old.thc Icít liarul of ou Hule grandehild began to Bwell, and liad ever appearance oí a large buil. we ]oulticed it hut all to no parpóse. About (ve monthsafte itbecamea ruiming sore. Soon other son fonned. Hethen liad two j&tvs oí ilu-m on cach liaud. an fíj'm as 'lis blood became more it UM and more impure, it took a wH lcss time for them to break , ■ - xSñ OUt, A sore carne on thc W,w Í5 W chin. beneath the nnder 11] W ' vjnj which as very otfenslve S '- f Híb head was oneaolldtcab V - y discharKiiKr a great deal J Tliis trai his conditlon at vv V%v twenty-two montlis oíd ■ rsXfttVs wiion I undertook t lie care Jw'è ofhlm.hla mother having l 'ác& dled whon he wan a littlt more tlum a vear oíd, o] consumntion (scrofula, of eourse). He could walk a llttle, but could not get 111. ií tic fell down, and coald not movewhenlnlbed.having no ase of his haudi. I Innnedlately comluith thu ( riiiriM Kkmkdiks, iing all freely. One sore ufter another healed, a bony matter formlng ln eaeh onu of these five deep ones jut before heallng, whlch would linallv (trow loóse and were taken out; theu thcy would heal rapldly. One of these ugly pone fonnatlons ] presenred, After taklng á aozen and a half bottlei lie was completely cpred, and lsnow, at the age of six yeare. á ütroiiK and heal tliychlld. Mrs.E.S.DK'KíUS. May 9, 1865. 819 E. Clay St., Bloomlngton, 111. My irrandson remains perfectly well. No signa of scrofulaand no sores. MES. E. 8. DRIGG8, Ikb.7, 1890. Bloomington, 111. C-uticiira, Resclvent Tlie iiew Blood Purlfier. internallv (to cleane iilood of nll Impnritlea and polson elementsand thus remove the cause,) and Cutiithe ereat Skin Cure, mul Cdticdba Soa; anexqulsfte skin beautlfier, ezternallv to clear tne skin and sealp and restore the huir, cure eyery dlsease of the skin and hlood, from pimples to scrofula. Sold everywhere. Price, Puticura, 50c; Soap, 2Sc.; Rkbolvkmt, 1.00. Prepared by the J'OTTKR DKUG ASD CHEMICAL COBPOBATIO, Boston. Wt-Scnd for"Ilow to Cure Skin Diseases." 64 pages, 60 lllustratlons andioo testimoniáis. RARV'Q klnand8calp pniifled and'beautluUUl u Bed by Ccticdra Soaj'. Absolutely pure. 4fc RHEUMATIC PAINS. fft In one minute the Cuticuea axti IJC Vm Plastes relieves rbeumatlc, ƒ A# sclatlca, hip,kldney,chest,and mus■ cular palns and weakneesee. Prlce twenty-flve cents. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 1878. f. Baker & Co.'s Breakfast bocoa from which the excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutely JPure andit is Soluble. No Chemicals are used ia its preparation. It has more tliun three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a ciy). It is dolicious, nourishing, strcugthening, zasily digested, and admirably adaptcd for invalids as ivell as for persons in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Oorchesfer, Mass. HMDACHES for 25c. CURED k ñ Iñütkhii LsPtúi b H eS EBERBACH HTs, KH JBIOB. TRUCK and STORAGË Now we are ready with a now }!iii'k Store' !'■'■-■ for the storage oL Household Goods, Pianos, Books, Stores, t-'tc. PIANOS AXD HOUSEHOLD -:- GOOOS laEo-v-od.. All kiuds of heavy and lisht DrnyiiiR. FREIGHT WORK C. E. 6ODFREY, 'Phone S2. Kes. and Office 16 N. Fourth Aw. INSURANCE, REAL ESTATEand LOAN AGENCY No. 2 Hamilton Block. Life.Fire and Accident Policies w'rittcn lu Fint Clase Compontes. Ratea Low. Loases liberally adjusted and promptly paid. One hundred Lots in Hamilton Park Addition for sale on easy terms. Office Horas: Krom 8 a. m. to 12 m.and 2 toóp m. A. W. HAMILTON. For twenty-five years the expórtenos of mill'ons of sufferere, old and yonnu, uid female, ha-.u gratefully endorse J the Eiiraculoua virutus of This Pliarmacectical Paradox of the 3 A vitalizing stimrJant without al cohol. A nerve sedativo without ' nareotics. A blood pmifler without ! poi3ons. A liver cleanser. A purely vegetable tissuo-maker, rroraotin, digestión, nutrition, secreción, e: - eretion and respiration. AHfe-giviny tonic, pure and eimple, without tho disastrous reactions of tha deadly compounds of rum and alooho' u"ually eold a3 bitters. T7as never known befora ia the Wsrld. Ita diücovery amons tha raedicical ímíts, rook ' and herbé oí California j WAS A BimACLE, ana thelr combinr.tion into a phenomenal Ufepving tonic A TRIUMPH of 10 CnEMICAL ART. Tho only change mado in tlje formula duriü? twenty-five years ha6 huen to present it in two OombinatlonB. The old oritiinal remain unrliaTipíi Tinf vú-ti rOEger, more laxativo aut better. A netn rnrm more agreeable to tha taste and better adapted to aclicatru'omen nml rhüdren, but comprisini} the same tonic properties, is now madu umi the srimce of the world is cluilUnytU to produce the equal of this TIïCLY & ONLY TEMPERENCE BITTEES KNOW1 or to produce apurely vegetable bitters or medicina of any kind, wliose-action isat onco eo safe so curtaiu and eomprehcnsive as the CALIFORNIA VINEGAH BITTEES, or any componnd whieh frnm its varied actlon upou tho vital lunctions is equal to the CURE OF SO MANY DISEASES. Tkcir name is Ieqion- Rhoumatism Konralpia Catarrli, Jaundice, Kidney Discass. íícrofula Skíá Diseascsand Boils. Cousuraption, Piles and all disorders ariping from indicestion, inipure blood iirrvnns prostration, and dilnpidated coustitutioa from any canse give wiy to it like mist beforu tlia suu, wliile its Kinjïiilar power over THE DEADLY HICROBE ASD OMNIPRESEXT BACTEP.1A indicatcs its pnperiority ia all diseases of malarial origin, andrenders it the BEST VERMIFUGE KNOTVN. No family can afíord to do without a bottle of OLD AXD NEW STYLE VINEGAR BITTERS In the house, as expressed by thonsands of tetfr luonials. Send for beautiful book. Address, It. H. .HfüO.V.lLI) DRUG CO., Wevr Yojg rargo's Shoes ramny Yl "Box Tip" School Shoes $ VvV for Boys and Girls, ?-%o Heeled or Wedge Heel. F SViSN SizcS-StolO'xí 8X.25 y QTÏl-iV-TTN Htol3V5 1.50 Sjasbsigj l!"4fe ltoS 1.75 WK Vjsaai- Yt to m }.oo JFfT FARCO'S JHV $2.50 Calf Shoe tk?5lv&v for Gentlemen, wal K"_-- ITnequaled by any shuo üafa.F eHfrt " 'Mn Araerica al thu samo iT1. .jg1"1'' In Congresis ButBoy'ssizL-. % ($2.50 LADIES' BOOT ixS&a x Don9ola orGoat, Button, hVB Opera, or Common Sense. ÍÓRn Tackles and Flexible. tCirLiKrS Wnnunted the mest DÜRHAME IS ON THEBOTTOM OFEVERYSKOE. ktV-n ?h"m dei'icT fcr torito' shoc-. If i,u doea nc C. H. PARGO & CO., Chicago. IU. DOTY & FEINER, AGBNT8. - ANN AJRBOR. 'M. & H." WRITIMG TABLETS. The Handsomest, Most Economlcal, Rnd HKST niethod of putting up Writlng Papers for home and oflice ust-. Gel ilirm trom yonr Mattoner, or send direct to tbc MnnufacturiTs. HASBROUCK &. SINCLAIR, 536 & 538 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. N. Ii.- A Bandsome Tablet Bnitable for Polito Correspondence malled Eor Hnfzd's Water Back ! A very important invenuon which will be hailed with delight by everybody using a stove or range for hot water circulation. After years of experience we have succeeded in pro ducing a simple apd perfect WATER BACK. It overcomes all the present troubles of extracting lime and other sediments which accumulate in water backs, ofren making them useless and in great many instances becoming dangerous. The outlay of dollars is reduced to dimes. No household using a range can afford to be without it. No more trouble by using city water for hot water circulation. Can be used in any stove. Ask your stove dealer for Hutzel's Water Back. Masón & Davis Co's. ranges for sale at C. Eberbach are provided with our improvement. Everybody cal] and examine this useful invention. HUTZEL & CO., P'umbers and Steamfittem. ANN ARBOR, - - MICH ñAAAAAmK! I lo brtrtlT _% Tli I"ij. vvlio cn re.d anj wrire, and who, Illll S llaítvr iiblruilion.wlll work ndu.lrlc.mly, yr w W W Whow to enrn Three Tliuuhand Dolían a Tearmlheirowni..,H!ii.-vli.rivtrth.,-Hve.Iwll]liofu.h Ihe í.lualion oreni,l,,vmciit,at hich jou can crn tbitamount ho mono for me u.,1,-. sucrrMful m.bove. Elj „aá qulcklr learned. I detira liut one workt-r from each district orcotiiity I hare i.uht a,,d pr.,vdid with emploTmaDI a lares i.. C, ll.l.l.N. líox 11ÍO, AHta, Mullir. g]oo3i:'s Cotton HFloot ■ COMPOUND H srf Cimpo9cd of Cutton Root. Tansy and y -J I'ennyroyal- a recent discovery by an C-Kold physiuian. ís sucieasfuUu used. montldy-S&fe, Efl'ectual. Prk-e %h by malí, sealed. Ladies, ask your dru.-(.'!.t for Cook' Cotton Root Compound and take no substitute or inolose2 etamps for sealed particulars AAdrE83 POM) LILY COMFANY, No 3 Fisher Blook, 131 Woodward bts., Detroit, iíich. "WooeL'a Fliosisli.od.i33.eTHE GREAT EGblüH REMEDY. Csed for 35 years & of Youthful folly by Ut4F and the eirenpi i-essfully. 4J sE J "f 1 a t e r vearï forras ofervou.s %Ss3 slrenalh andvig. V. eakness, Emls. Kj4KÍaW or. Ask druggisia íions. ■■■ f,,r Wood'íPhna EBERBACH & SONS, ANN ARBOR, SELL BELOW PILLS. T ATYTRQ TRY du. leduc's "pe-Lj-ea.JJlüiÖ KIODICAL" PILLS from aria, Franoe. Established in Europe L839 .-anadain 1878. Por Suppresstons, IrregulariK'S, and Monthly Dc-raugements. A reliable monthly medicine. They always relieve. Anv Iruggist, Í2. American l'ill Co., Proprietors Speucer, Iowa. liobert Sjephenson & Co . rnolesale agents.and all otlier drusgists In nii Arbor. These pilla are warranted to brmg ou the " change.' CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE $29,000,000 ecurlty held for the protection of thepollcy CHRISTIAN MACK companles, ( whlch one, the .Kma. bas alone pald f66,000,kx) ïhv losses ii: slxty-five years: Etna, of Hartford .i.!:ij..;i 'ranklln of Phüadelphla 8418,718 Germania, N. Y 2.:, Germán, American, N. Y 4.-1 Lontlon Asaurance. London 1416,786 Michigan F. & M., Detroit at X. V. ünderwTlters, X. Y 2,596,676 National, Hartford 1,774,505 Phcenix, Brooklyn .■;.-, Losses llberally'adjusted and promptly pald. Policios Issued m the lowest mti-s of premium, 1191 tf ■ Oftll ■■m5inhernlloiiriwiiiiofwork, ■ SRI AC I V1"!'11"' 'l l.iitbly. liy ,f IMgi BlM J" B "' ''"■■ """'-".r c,i,l.".,.i „ IliVlih I coa nu do Iha work. Eaaj to Inm. yourp mommti. or til yourtlmolo the work. Thli entirely iiewkod.nitd Mop wonder ful M10CHS to vnry rorker. I([.-iiiiier ire faruing froin t' to #U prweek anti opwanU, and more afler a little experience. We enn fumiíh yon the finplovmentand tpach ynu HtKK. No itiateto explain here. u:i nfirniation FlltK. 'rBUE 4: CO., íllilíU, UUa, lDïERliSiciiStc:rr: .,:...:; on acivertisirg spacc when i" C rill fínd i! cc ' . ..'. 45 T043 Randoloh St., m Qlft Q TJtljf ■" - ' thAdwrt.mgAgncyof i,UfM W Í hBWJ ■K f 6000.00 i. yr is binpr made t..v John R. S Virk (00(i"'n.'l roy...V.,nt woik for ii'n. Hettder .ffé'k ya ni(l-v not "'"lie na much, but wc can H " ' ,T?Mteftch youquickly how lOMTB f rom tö to Hm . ■ "' " '!1' nt tlte inri, and more aa yon po fiV4r-0VLn Pot aI1 I" ny jmn of t BttAmerica. you can cumtiiftice at hom, t :-i ■- WW JiAyV'" Q" -vour time.or spare moments onh to Nk ÉmtmSt W' "'" All il new. Cireat pay Sl'KK'fi.r k"1! t'vcry werker. We stnrt you. fi.rtiisliiïiir lJyif ev, rythinp. KAS1I.Y. Sl'EKMLï lea raed. SWIÊmV 1'AltlK-LLAVS Ff:i:K. AddreM at once


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