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What A Woman Can Do

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She can come to a conclusión witliout the slightest trouble of reasoning on it, and no sane man can do tliat. Six of them can talk at once and Ket along first rate, and no two men can do that. She can safely stick fifty pina in her dress while she is Ketting one under Iht tluimb nail. She is as cool as a eucumber in half a dozen tight dresses and skirts, whüe Liman will sweat ar.d turne and rtowí ín one loóse shirt. She can talk as sweet n peaches mil crcam to ;i wonian slie lates, whiletwo men would be punchng each other's hesita before they íad exehanged ten words. 8he can throw i stone with a curve that vs-ould be a fortune to a base-ball pitcher. shr can aay "No" Ín such low voice that it means "Yes." She can sñarpen a lead ]k-iic1 if you prive her plenty of time and plenty of peneils. Slip can dance all nfeht in a pair Ol slioes two sizes too email for her and enjoy every minute of the time.. She can appreciate s kiss from her husbnnd seventy-five yeare after the marriage ceremony is preformed. She icaü go to church and aïierward teil you what every woman in the congregation had on, and in some rare instances can glve you some faint idea of what the text was. She can walk half the night with a colicky baby in hor armw without once expressing the desire of murcterIng the infant. She can- but what's the use? A vman can do anything or evcry tking, and do it well. Slic can do more in a minuto than a man can do in an hour, and do it better. She can drivc a man erazr for twenty-four nours, and then 'briiiK him to a paradise in two seconds by Blmply tlckllng hun onder the chin, and there does oot Uve that mortal non of Adam's misery who can do it.


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