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This afternoon b large and enthusiiistic cvmvd assembled at the Fair Grounds to see the eveats of the spring Field Day. The flay was all tii.-u conld be flesired, the weather fine and the tracks in excellent condltion. This was cerltalnly the most sattefactory Field Day tlint lins been held for many yeara. The numl of cntri'.s was very largo and the contesta close and cxciting. The records made are excellent ones. Tiiey show the resulta of jtood, Bystematic training. The work of Mr. Murpny hae proven to be of great .benefit In making a Field Day one worthy ol II' name. The contesta ol this afternoon lacked that tiresome mono tony and long waiting heretofore so conspicuoue. Everythlng wen1 off with a vira and a rush and the Athletic a8ociatlon deserves praise fov their efficiënt mqnagement of the program. The followlng Is t&e complete list of entriea and events: One Hundred Yards Dash.- 1. A. M. Haryey, ü. of M. A. A. 2. E. B. Wtngard, ü. of M. 3. .T. Van Iawagen, .Ir., U. of M. A. A. 4. V. 1!. Ayers, O. of.M. 5. H. Van Berventer, ü. of M. A. A. Ilarvcy, ü. of M. A. A.. won the first heat, time 10 2-5 eeconds. James Van Inwagen came in second. Two Milo Bieycle Kaee.- 12. F. I). Gn-en, V. of M. A. A. 18. T. E. Parmele, A. A. H. S. 14. D. L,. Quirk, ü. of M. A. A. Gold modal by H. J. Brown. Crosby, U. of M.. won first prize, time 7 minutes 44 4-r seconds. l'armele. A. A. H. S., won second. F. D. Green was (handlcapped and dropped out. EunnirK r.road 28. A. F. Jackaon. 29. J. Dorgan, X. V A. 80. E. Fiseher, ü. of M. 40. H. Jewett, 1). A. C. 41. J. Annesley, D. A. C. Gold medal by I. G. Danim. Jewett, D. A. C took first. distance, 21 ft., 1 in.; Dorgan, N. A. A., second, distance 20 ft,, 0 in. One Mile Walk.- 25. H. M. Crouse fünattached). 20. B. Wilber, N. A. A. 27. C. M. Estoy. U. of M. 44. J. T. McGee, D. A. ('. 50. J. Wagner, D. A. ('. 51. Andrew Iludolph. D. A. C. Gold modal 'by W. W. Bliss. J. T. .Meliee, u. a. ( ., wauteu uuk mlle in 7 minutes 50 3-10 seconds, and B. 'Wagner, D. A. C, came in second. Standing Broad Juni!).- 15. E. de Tont, U. of 'M. A. A. 1. W. J. Gamble, U. of M. A. A. W. J. Gamble, ü. of M., won first prize, distance 10 ft., 6 in. E. de Pont second, distanee 10 lt.. 1 in. One Hundred and Fifty Yards Run.- 5. H. Ynnderventer, l'. of M. A. A. 34. ,T. Morse, N. A. A. 89. John Owen, .Ir.. I). A. C. 40. H. Jewett, D. A. C. Gold mednl by Dean & Co. H. Jewett won first prize. Two Hundved and Twenty Yards Bun.- 1. A. M. llarvcy, V. of M. A. A. 6. E. I.. Bandereon, D. of M. A. A. 7. T. E. Burjress, ü. of Sl. Gold medal by Detroit Free Press. A. M. Harvey, fi'-st, time 'J-t 3-4 seconds; E. Ij. Sanderson eeeond. LiBht-WfiRht Wrestling.- 19. C. M. S-antk, U. of 'M. 81. C. E. Kiehmond. X. A. A. 82. A. W. Dasef, N. A. A. 88. V. s. Drake, ü. of M. 46. B. Wanner. D. A. C. Th o trials were between Dasef and Drake, Wagner and Ricnmond, Wagner Thurtell, Bichmond and Dase. In t in first contest Daeef Becured two falls. In the Eeeond eontest a draw was declared In two bouts. In the third contes: a draw was alsn derlarcd. In the fourtli Dasel threw Richmond. This lift Dasef. Thurtell and Bichmond in for the final contest, bnt the latte] having wrestled three draws was exbausted and withdrew, leaving the final between Dasel and Thurtell. The tormer secured a ïall in less than foui minutes, ind won the contest. Putting 16 lb. Shot.- 15. E. de Pont, O. of M. A. A. 17. W. Malley, l'. of M. 1G. W. .T. Gamble, U. of M. A. A. Cíold Mcdai by Bid. W. Mlllard. W. Malley. ö. of M., succeeded in putting the 16 pound shot 37 ft. 1 in., thereby winning the first prlze. Throwing the Hammei-.- 17. W. Malley, 1'. of M. 2. E. 1'.. Wingard, D. o M. ir. B. de Pcrat, I'. of M. A. A. Gold meda) by The Two Sams. W. Malley, ü. of M., won first prize in throwing the haminer; dietance by the Inter-collegiate rules SA ft. 3 in.; by the A. A. U. rules 120 ft. 1 in. Three Hundreds Yards Kun. - 'J:. W McGugan, Chesanlng. 34. J. Morse, X . A.' 85. .T. Jenklns, N. A. A. 30. A. .]. Townscnd, Marshall A. A. 39. John Owen, Jr., 'D. A. C. 41. Chas. Aimesley. I). A. C. Gold medal by Wadhams, Kennedy & Eeule. Charles Annesley, D. A. C, took first prlze, time 35 --." seconds; A. J. Towns.-nii. Marshall A. A., second. Eight Hundred and Eigllty Yards Run'.- 2. E. 11. Wingard, D. of M. 9. Wm. Lyster, l". of M. A. A. WiUiam I.yster, V. oí M., was the onïy contestant in the 880 yards run. At tïiis point an extra event was Introdueed,- viz., running high Jump. James Van Inwagen, U. of M., won first, digtance 5 ft. 0 3-4 in. By thia Jump the D. oí M. record was broken by tlin e-fonrths of an inch. Jewett, D. A. ('.. took second. One Hundred xards Hun. FlnaL- (mM medal by Detroit Evening News. Running Hop, Step and .Tump.- 15. E. de Pont. D. of M. 10. W. J. Gamble, T". of M. A. A. Gold medal by Joe T. Jacobs. Won by W. J. Gamble, U. of M.; distance 40 ft. 7 in., liis opponent, E. de Pont, injuring liis foot on the first trial. One Hundred and Twenty Yards Hurdle liaee.- 2. E. 1!. "Winjjard, U. of M. 8. ,T. Van Inwajren, Jr., U. of M. 42. Theo. Luce, D. A. C. Gold medal by A. L. Noble. Won by T. Luce, I). A. C: .T. Van Inwagen, V. of M., second. Time 18 1-5 seconds. l?our Hundred and Forty Yards Kun. - G. E. Ij. Banderson, ü. of M. A. A., D. A. C. 8. T. B. Cooley, TT. of M. A. A. 9, Wm. Lyster, D. of M. A. A. Ti'on by E. L. Saunderson; T. B. Cooley second. Time "i 2-5 Beconds. One Mile Run.- 10. I.ew HutchinBon, 1". of M. A. A. 11. W. S. Snyder, U. of M. L.Hutchinson, f. of M., first; W. S. Snyder, l". of M., second. Time 5 min. ■11 1-5 sec. Mlddle-Welght Wrestlinc:.- 18. E. M. Ad.nas, 1'. of M. 31. C. F. Kichmond, X. A. A. :!2. A. W. Dasef, X. A. A. 43. Goo. N. Herring, D. A. C. Won ii.v C. X. Herring, D. A. C. Tole Yanlt.- 4:2. Theo. Luce, D. A. C. 43. Goo. Herring, D. A. C. T. Luce, D. A. C, first, distance, 10 ft. Gin. (co Hering, 1). A. e. second. Fcather-Weight Wrestling. - 87 F. Green, X. A. A. 38. W. Duraiul, N. A. A. Won by Durand. Fi'iiciiiK.- -0. G. A. Lawrence, U. of M. 21. E. G. Fasset. U. of M. A. A. ■2-2. '. O. Fororann, U. of M. E. G. lassen, ü. of M. first; U. G. Forcmnn, second. Kelny Race. - Literary team. G. E. S. Sandereon, U. of M. A. A., D. A. C. 3. .T. Van Inwagen, Jr., U. of M. A. A. ). "Win. Lyster, V. of M. A. A. 10. Lew Hutchinson, U. of M. A. A. 15. E. de Pont, U. of M. A. A. (Sub.) Lrfiw team. 24. J. E. Duffy, U. of M. A. A. 47. T. J. McKeon, U. of M. 48. J. E. Roberts, U. of M. 49. C. W. Munger, D. oí M. Medie Team.- 1. A. M. Harvey, U. oí M A. A. 2. E. B. Wlngard, U. of M. 4. V. B. Ayers, ü. of M. 7. T. E. Burg-ess, ü. of M. Won by the Literary team; Medie team secotid. The officers of the day -vere as follows: Keferee, James E. Duffy; announcer. F. A. Henry;, Prof. J. C. Iïolfe. James R. Angelí, Norman A. Phillips; time leepers. Prof. M. E. Cooley, Wm. "W. Campbell, Wm. W. Watts; judge of walking, F. B. Tibbals; starter, M. C. üurphy. T). A. ('.: clerks of the course, G. L. Nye, Wm. Wilharti; scorers. C. W. ■ MlddlekauH, W. P. Parke; measurers, Arthur Franzcn. B. F. Hall, jr.: field judge, H. G. Pettyman; judge of fencing, Prof. ('. s. Denlson; marshals. P. W. Sullivau, C. Sutherland, B. C. Glidden.


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