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The Liver YThen out of order, involves every organ of the body. Remedies fr some otherderangement are frequently taken without the leut effect, because it is the liver wliich is the real source of the trouble, and until that. is set riglit there can he no health, strength, or comfort in any part of the system. Mercury, in some form, is a common speciflc for a sluggish liver; but a far salet and more eifective medicine is Ayer's Pilis. For loss of appetitc, bilious troubles, constipation, indigestión, and sick headache, tliese l'iiis are imsnrpassed. "For a long time I was a snfferer from stomach, liver, anl kidney troubles, experiencing much difflculty in digestión, with severe palns in the lumbar región and other parts of the body. Having tried a variety of remedies, inchuliug warm baths, with only temporary relief, about three months ago I began the use of Ayer's Pilis, and my health is so much improved that I gladly testify to the superior merits of this medicine." - Manoel Jorge Pereira, Porto, Portugal. "For the cure of headache, Ayer's Oitliartic Pilis are the most effective medicine I ever used."- K. K. James, Dorchester. Muss. "Wtien I feel the need of a cathartic, I take Ayer's Pilis, and flnd them to be more effective than any otiier pill I ever took."- Jlrs. B. C. Grubb, Burwellville. Va. " 1 have found in Ayer's l'ills, an invaluable remedy for constipation, biliousness, and kiiulred disorders, peculiar to miasmatic localities. Taken in small aud frequent doses, these Pilis Act We II on the liver, restoring lts natural powers, and aldlng it in throwing off malarial poisons." - C. F. Alston, Quitman, Texas. "Wlirnever 1 ani troubled with constipation, or suffer from loss of appetite, Ayer's Pilis set me rlght again."- A. J. Kiser, Jr., Bock House, Va. ' In 1858, by the advice of a friend. I began the use of Ayer's Pilis as a remedy for biliousness, constipation, high fevers, and colds. They served me better than anything 1 had previously tried, and I have used them in attacks of that sort ever since." - H. W, llorsh, Judsonia, Ark. Ayer's Pilis, PRSPABXD BT GR. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Medicine.


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