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MAKING A BEAUTIFUL HOME ■ IS not ii question of m&ney. Taste, experlence and Bklll have much to do wlth Ir . 1 1 yon tiuciul to build, ir wlll be a mistake not ; wud for our bimks of Bjeksiblb Low-( O8T HouBss, Qow til ruuged In ítí-ee vollimes. Id iiicm you 111 ttnd perspectiva ylewa, ïiour plane desciiptions, and estlmates oï oosta for 109 '(sffOi, new design for houses, They aleo glve our E Tices for complete Working Flans. Details, andS iicatfons, wiifcli enable you to butld without deiays, mistak - "f ijwirrti wlth vouv bullder, and whlcli any onecan underetand, Good buiiders recoomend these plans. Testimoniáis f rom all parta of the country. Vol. I contains &" copyright ed designs of housus costing between tQOO and sii. Vol. il contiiins 85 copyrighted designs, 11800 to$3J00. Vol. III contatos :í.') copyrijrlited designe, 13000 to $:tuoO. l'iicc, by mail, 11.00 eacfL the set.[ "COLONIAL HOUSES," a volume Bhowing Perepectlvefl and Floor Plans of houses arrunged in the inlniUabh' style of the Colonial Architecture, and liavlnK all inodern arrangeinunis lor comforr. Prlce 12.00 PICTÜRE8QÜE HOUSES FOK FOREST AXÏ) SHORS:- ThlS shows Perspectivcs and Floor Plans of iu'w di'sijins for Summer Cottases, vhlcfa are romantic, convenlent, and cheap. Price fl.CJ by mail. Addresa NATIONAL ARGHITEGTS' UNION, 120 S. Sevrnth St. , Philadelphla, Va. COKHISSIONEBS' NOTICB. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Couuty of Washtenaw, s. s. The undersigned having been appolnted by the Probate Court for sail ouniy, Comxnlssioners to receive. examine and adjust all claims and demande of uil persons ag&inst the Herben M. Frost, lateo! sald eounty deceased, bereby glvea aotlce tliat six months from date are allowed, by order of sai;l Probate C-ovirt. for Credltors to_ present thelr claims agalnst the estáte of sald deceased, and that tiu-y wlll meet at the store of B. A. Calkins, in the city of Ann Arbor, in sald eounty, on Monday the 37th day of July and on Tnesday the 27th day of October ïiext at ton o'clock a. m. of saifl days, to rueeivc. examina and adjust said claims. Dated, April 27, 1891. E. A. f AI. KI NS. ■ WILSEY. t !ommiesioners. Estatk of Mak Y Ann Pebbles. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office In the City of Ann Arbor, on Saturday, the sixteenth day of May, in tin' year one thousand elght hundred and ninety-one. Present, J. Wlllard Babbltt, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Mury Ann Pebbles deceased. On reading and flllngthe petition. duly verifled, of Maria B. Gllbert praylng that a sertaln Instrument uow on file in til is court, purportlng to be the last wil] and testament of sald deceased, may be admltted to probate, and that admlnistratlon of -■ i i ) estáte may be granted to Maria B. Gllbert executrix or tosome other suitable person. Thereupon it lsordered, that Monday, the Bfteenth day of June next, at ten oclook in the fqrunoon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition and that the devlsees, legateea ml liuirs at iaw of said deceased, aiid ail Dthcr persons lntereted in sald estáte, are requlred to appeor at a sesslon of said 't, ilicii to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City Of Ann ArbOI and show iause, it any there be,why the prayerof the petitloner Bhould not be granted : And it is further rdered, that said petltloner ííive notice to the persons Interested in said estáte, of petition, and the hearing chereof , by causing a copy of thls order to be publlshed in the Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper prlnted and circulating In sald County, three successive weeks previqua to said day of hearing. [Atruecopy.] J. WILLARD BABBITT, Judge of Pro DOTY, Probate Regi.-'


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