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Real Estate Transfers

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Caroline Graf to Komain Oiover, Saline.- 800 Ed. A. Plerce, adm'r to H. S. Holmes. Bylvau L__:;,1O7 M. A. Plerce to H.B. Holmes, Sylvan 1,800 C. L. Hiiiinan, by ex'r to J. T.Jacobs, Ann Albor 9,000 Thos. E, Dolan to Thos. Dolan Jr., 57 ?hos. Dolan to John McGninneas Dexter. .2,800 I. E. McGuinness to Thos. Dolan, Dexter. 400 V. J. Dolan to Thos. Dolan, Dexter 73 Geo. G. Waldclich to Mary Waidellch, Aun Arbor 4,700 V. .1. l'otts to M. L. Heniou, Miuiehester,__8,000 I. L, lfeniou to Nettle J. J. Potts, Manchester 4,000 . D. t'orey to Jas. G. Traey. Sharon, l.üuO Ed. E Stewart to E. C. Lindenberger, Milan 1 Fred Graf to Ellis & Grimer, Ann Arbor..l,000 . M. Douglass to Loulsa T. Haviland, Superior 150 R. W. DoukIhss to to J. M. Douglass Superior 75 O. B. Hall to Carr & Greenmau, Ann Arbor 500 A. Everett by C. C. C, to Eliza North, Salem 8,500 ohn C. Goodrich to W. Woolsey, Ypsilanti 36 M arcare t C. Wells to J. L.Babcock, Ann Arbor s,750 D. Rinsey to W.F. Schlanderer, Ann Arbor 4,000 O. B. Hall to E. B. Hall. Ann Arbor 1 5, A. Gott to 1'. E. Metcalf, Ann Arbor 4J."i . C. Goodrich to F. Rathfon, ypsllanti 30 .1 . Goodrich to Margaret Brady, Ypsilanti _ ja Francés Webster to Kate Everett, Ypsllanti 1 1