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Real Estate Transfers

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Vm Beacon to Frank Stiiffan, (helsea $ 2251 Sdward O.Neil to J. W. Dealy, Manchester 135 jeroy L. Janes to Emma K. King, Ann Arbor „ 2,000 M. L. Venning to A. G. Veuning, Ypsüanti t. V. Lakiu to W. V. Carpenter, Dexter.. 5,000 as.Torrey to Win. Gregory, Dexter 65 I. E. Alexander to Geo. B. Alexander, Ann Arbor 300 . A. Polhemus to Stabler & Schmidt Ann Arbor 230 . W. Hamiltonet al to S. A. Moran, Aun Arbor 300 [endereon & Henley to J. P. Bycraft, Delbj 480 Fhilinda Fletcher to (,'has. Fletcher, Ypsilanti 2,000 I. & W. XewhofE to John Haarer Ann Arbor 1 I. ('.Goodrich to Ed Washburn. Ypsüanti 92 Emüy .1. Spooneer to Geraldine E. Gray, Superior 3,000 tichmond & Treadwell to Vm. Burke, Ann Arbor 2,50o j. Gruuer to Helen W. Whedon, Ann Arhor 2,500 John C. Goodrich to S. ;Hamüton, Ypsilauti 70 Aaron F. Gorton to J. A. Monroe, Lyndon $1,500 C. A. Barber to A. T. Gortou, Lyndon.. 5,000 I. A. Taylor to Mary E. Clarke, Ypsilunti 2,500 Knti' ('ourtney to Daniel J. Ross, Auu Arbor 2,600 F. W. Buss to A. Schaeberle, Ann Arbor 1,600 LiOttie Price to Jno. Monayhan, Chelsea 100 I. A. Polhemus to F. Dnnlavev, Aun Arbor 1 120 E. R. Aldrich to E. E. Aldrich, et ui, Pittsfleld 1 L. E. Scoville, by guardián, to J. E. McGregor, et al, Ypsüanti 1,250 W. II. Scoville to W. B. Trim, Ypsüanti 1,800 V. H. Scoville to Helen Trim, Ypsüanti 275 Mary M. Ellis, by ex'r, to A. W. Bassett, Ypsüanti ." 4,000 J. C. Goodrich to W, A. Moore Ypsüanti 196 Susan Crawford to Theo. F. McDonald, Aun Arbor 3,100 George J. Faber to Rachael Faber, Manchester 800 J. C. et A. A. Srhryver to M. A. Alabaater, Aun Arbor Í 700 Ini). C. Goodrich to I.. & A. Chamberlain ïpsilanti 70 Jolianna Clancy to Catherine Brown, Ann Arbor 1 John C. Goodrich to A. & F. Herbert, Ypsilanti 91 A. E. Mason to S. M. & W. Bixby, York. 4,000 Rebecca Vinkle-to Mary Swick. Dexter 400 G. H. Coleman to Thomas Gaffney, Dexter 600 The inevitable is approafliiiin. Bt. Baal and Minneapolis have stopped quarrellng and gone to -ivooing. There will bc a wQddins beiore 1900. 8t. Paul is older, as the bridesroom should be; and if Minne Is a liitie bigger, there i iiKiny a marriage where the Imslwnd i ttoe ligñtweiglit. To drop mtniphtOT, "tlie cham'bers of commerce of th tw-o cities have appolnted committees to oooler wltb eacb other n tio the best steps to be taken toward ultímate unión. - Mail and Express.