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Real Estate Transfers

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C. Dleterle, by e. c. c, to M. Naylor, m .- $2,000 11 E Loette to J. W. and H. Uoodspeed, Aim Arbor 2.900 Abignil Post to W. L. stunnard. Yj.silantl.- 1,010 Charles M. Hicks to II. E. Hicks, Webster 500 M. S. Ponny to Julia E. Beeker. Ypsilanti 2,OOo John A. Fowler to J. and A. I'nweck, Ypsilanti. _ - 300 Kate Everett to T. E. Fisher, Ypsilanti 800 Albert S. Loornis to T. E. Fisher, Ypsilanti -■■"■-"' J. A. l'olhemus to Amelia E. Koe, Ann Arbor 125 Wllllam Rowe to ElizaA. Rowe, Y].silanti - 1 ('atherine Donnelly to Wm. and M. A. Cleavcr, Anu Arbor - 1,900 .loseph Stalt to O. T. Raab, Bridgewator 900 John H Maynard to Helen L. Reid, Ypsilauti - '- 1 J. Kennedy, by ndm'r, to the estáte of Luther j'amés, Northlield 1525 M. L. Ilüiiderson to Alex. Uatti, Ann Arbor 5,900 E. E. Leiand to T. A. A. & Cï. M. K. R. ( 'o.. Xorthfield 1 J. A. Polhemus to Jeremlab Walsh, Ann Arbor 100 Alonzo Case 10 Iretta Leeson, Manchesirr 875 G. and A. Darrow to C. & B. Schneider Ann Arbor 1 F. H. Belser to Sarah P. Koch, Anii Arbor 500 A. A. Wells, by adm'r, to Elizabeth Barrett, Ypsianti 1 s. and J. Newklrk to B. and M. Phelps, Scio 2,200 McLaughlin & Corliss to C. tí. Taylor, Ann Arbor. 1 225 .1. M. McLaughliu to C. G. Taylor, Ann Arbor 7 Clara A. Gott, et al, to .1. V. Weager, Delhi 190 H. W. Rogers to Beta Theta PI Club, Aun Arbor 9,750 Jcihn Ferdon to H. W. Rogers, Ann Arbor 7,750 Thos. Seeley to Fraucis Preston, Webster 1,600 CM. Schairer to W. F. Bird, Ann Arbor 1,452 Austin Guild to Joseph Guild, Ypsilanti 1 N. H. Isbell to Chas. Murray, Saline 100 Helen C. Swift toM, E. Fleteher, Ypsilanti . (,000 John II. Schlicht to W. J. Schlicht, Sharon 4.500 A. E. Gould to R. S. Case, Ann Arbor- 1.3O0 John Schaible, by sheriff, to John C. Huber, Lodl 1,202 Corllss & McLaughlin to E. E. Schoft, Aun Arbor .__ , 340 Theo. Hiipp, et al, to John M. Schaible, Aun Arbor 2,000 E. and A. Huss. by guardián, to John M. Schaible, Ann Arbor 800 M. J. Ryan to D. F. O'Brien, Ypsilanti- 700 Wm. Maynard, by adm'r, to Augustus Mogk, Ann Arbor 35 :. B, Hntchlns to H. B. Hutchins. Ann Arbor 1 Susan A. Granger to John H. Xickels, Aun Arbor 4,000 Sauford Reason to Belle Reason, Dexter 1 John B. Goodrich to E. B. Beal, Ypsilanti 175 O. B. Hall to E. B. Hall, Anu Arbor. 1 Cathariue Kaue to J. & S. Allmendinger Ann Arbor 975 E. B. Hall to T. A. Bogle, Ann Arbor 4,600 .'. H. Wilson to O. B. Throop, Augusta- 1,000 J. A. Polhemus to Louis Rohde, Ann Arbor 300 F. W. Goodale, et al, by sheriff, to Richmond & Wheeler, Delhi 3,624 V. J. Hayden to V. and E. Howard, Aun Arbor 700 C. F. Unterkircher, et al, to L. Schlewis, .Manchester 175 Does the work blind- Shutters. A grave subject- Tombstones.