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Now, Manuer. 'taln'l qo use to teil what them newBpapers say bout the storms and wlnds and floods that's comiu' riiilit away The fL i waved that they harp about that's brewln' In the west, An' movin' eaut 'bout justsofast. Ihain'tno oonfldence In anythlng oí that ove kind: it'B the newfanglüd way (if runnln' thlnga, as M the Lord Se wouldn't !,r ' . is say About the weather any more. 1 aln't fo tamul e nik n by weather that's ground out of n machine I An' I look where 111 flnd t straight, tor snow, au' rain, an' hall, Inthegoodold Farmer's Almanac that hangs on the nail. Them probeïMmjes clon't comit; I want to know for Bure An' sartin when the wlnter'll come, the real simón pure ! The kind of weather that we had so plenty in niy day. When Bleighln in November come, au' held till May! In them times. Uanner, blizzarda wuz a tliing we (li'ln't know ; A süousturin wi;: a snowstorm, and a high wind wuz a blow : An' when it clearedaway we dldn't harrer up 0111' BOUlS. A worryiu' about the storm that uz hatchin' at t lie polca : Ají' whon We wanted weather news, 'bont which tlieie ivuz no {all, We looked in the old almanoo that hung thcre on the nail. We trusted some to Bigns, you know, as how the wild goose fiew A-goiu' south, an' how the husks tiion the field corn grew, Au' how the beavera luilt their dama, whether tiiey's lu'irh or iow, Au' if the breast bone of the goose wuz white, look out for tíiiow ; But when my mother wantod for to set a broody hen She'd havo to have the signs all right foragood hateh : in' vvhen My father wanted to fiud out if there'd be a rainy May, So'a he could raise hls calves, an" know he'd have a erop of hay - Why tijen thoylookod whei'e weather ealculations dii'i not fail, Iu the old Farmer's Almanae that hung there on the uail. The calendáis may be all right for them as thinks 'om so. But they don't teil the f armer when hls grasa is iit to mow. I like to knovv about the tiine the new moon will be here, A n' about thi Itantrumsof the planeta thrOUgh tilo year. An' what time the' 'elipses visible will be aloug thls way, An' if there'll be some thunder showers about camp-meefin' day. I like to see the plcters that I've seeu for niaiiy a year ; They br'ing me back to yoiith again - an' though some niay think 'lis (neer, Them jokes In the last part is never old or flat or si aio. In the old farmer's Almanae that hangs there on the nail. So. Hanuer, 'tain't no use to try to beat it into me That them "forecasts" iu the newspapers that every day H Is oi any sort of consequence ; why. there hain't no kind of doubt lint what a man that undertakes to plan the weather out M! ■■; the heavenly bodles au' coujunctions. ju-t as I Know al! my cows au' aorses, an' pigs that's in He caif c trust to them thermometers with iïgeers boI by rule Like the sums upon the blackboard when I went to deestrict school. An' when I want lo know about tha rain, an' snow an' hall, I'll look in the Farmer's Almanae that hangs there on the nail.


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