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ii [e ■;. , : i" oh v, ater works a1 tiorthville, Monday. Ai Mii.-ui the band gives open nir cöncerts every Frlday ëvening. Therc 111 be a beaeher's examination al Saline nexi Friday, - Leah Gould, aged 17, ol STork, bas !,...,! : ■, :■ [ai er arreated on a cliarjïe ■ í Incest. There are 19 blcycle riders In Saline, and they are talkimg about organlzing o cé!i1. I being formed a1 ayne t ; nu """'■ d '" siiin ol ' ■ ■ aWe. ■ ïpsiianti Commercial credlts tüe late iipei i i i r Thos. G. Burlingame to Northfield. Anu Arbor to-wn wlll oljict. Warren Babeoek .Tr. ill stay a1 tbe Agricultural College as instructor in matoema1 les tor the c Ing year. - Mlïan Leader. If any ol I lie members ot the s hooi board wiah a supply ol burdoek seed, ,,■, v. il] i! ibably be able to secure i i:i the school grounds. - Dexter Leader. Quite a eurinsity niay 6e seen 011 the Webster ro.-ul, opposite Frank Preston's gravel bed. The limb ol :■.' o.-ik tree appeara to grow in tva adJoinlng elm tree. - Dexter Leader. The Pree Methodist camp meeting I ■ r.iirmï'i wuods In Sumpter Jiaa been very largely attended. Somebhtng liike 19,000 teams passed ,ous i ace last Sunday.- Ypsilanii Commerclal. The Observér wants a eouple of ■ii that are tn jail at A:m Arl; ir fi-om Saline, kept there permanemtly, and roasts the authorities of that village tor not drivlng theói out before. A Moorevflle man iiiils lic can -ai the laws ol nature by lnventlng perpetual motlon, and la ttokerlng away at il. The ehadea oi BenFrankiin and Sir Ike XcwtiKi. are wriggling pduantom fingérs belore phamtom c in the badkgTOund.- Adrlao Press. Merrltt Wárd lias a wagon whlch lias been in use since liis birtli. 3 i yeara affo. The sanie material eom: the wágo as then, except nne tyre. There la no lavor shown II yet, om acoount ni age, aa 11 carried aboui two ,: n h.ea up fcbe èlevator bridge tiie (illur day.- Dexter Leader. '!':.(■ Severances 'nave beaten the record on fishíng. The oíd gentleman and ttvo sons caugtot 115 fish al Whitmore tafee in lesa than ai hour theother day, o! whieh 35 to tO were nice ii.'-U basa. CSiarlie Sevei-ance eaimhi L'T basa and -'S pereb. usi-iic oDly one worm lor balt. Who can beal iliat?- So. Lyon Ticket. Our oíd and hlgbly esteemed townsiiiiin. E. B. Clark, wtoo, with hia fam:.v. lias been lor a long time settled at Tower City, Dakota, and trying tu financlally better hlmselí, lias deoided that there are better fickls and tms pulled stakes and landed Ín Oentralia, Waaihlngton. Our besi wlshea ííiiiow íiim to hia new home.- Saline Observér. Heury Hanford, of Hudsom, has nn oíd coin, bearlng date 1787. On míe side is this motto, "Mind yonr own business." The eoln la n good in SDU, only as a curioslty. - Times. We ou T','j better, brother. We have ome bearing a clear date of 1 cis. -saline Obseryer. We had a eoin the otlier d.iy dated 1891, but it was cmly a peniny, and we blew it in. In the Germán Day ceWbratkwi at Mandhester, the county fair people were repvesented by 20 girls divssed in white, with aslies on whichvere printed the names of each township in the oonnty. Tho wagon was neat!.v trimmed and appropriately lettered, and was drawn by iour horses. A large banner floating at the top read, on both sides, "BriiiK your best (givl) to tho fair."' Another bonner read -'CV)uiity fair at Anm Arbor Sept. ■2'.). 30, and Oct. 1 and 2." Tie last aession of the Michigan legtelature passed a law requirtng t.-ind owners to kill ttoe milt weeds on thcir premises. A farmer íriend saya tirt besi way bo get vid of thrm Is to turn sheep lOOSe in firlds Avhort' the weed gfrows. A gopd many of the weeds are gpowing aJong the liighwtiy. They should be rut at once. An oíd íarmcr says after a liorse gets nine years oíd, a wrimkle comes in tlie cyelid. at tbe uppor corner ol t&xB tower lid. and evcry year ttoerealter b.e lias ooe well deHned wriakle for eai-h year of hls age over nine.- Enterprisr. News oí a s'.inht raistake tliat causd do siiKi'l .-un. uní, í trouble an gome sport has reacfhed ns. l seems iiiai nv gentlemen are running a store In a near-by village, and somebhing Uke sis weeks ago, as a mattei ií convenieace, on oí bhem made i cbauge in tlie arraingremeni í th eellav, locnting a barre] ol syrup i'. bhe place tormerly occupled by a bar rel oí mactolne olí. aml ai the saín time aegiectlng to Inlorm his partne ol bhe change ol base; as a e'onsí quence a targe qnaiuiiy oí.syrup wa eold íoi' oil and used by the tarmer mi (jhelr mowlng machlneB, reapers wagons, etc. Ii worked satlsfacto on wan'ons. but geartag wlü iiiii nvotion failed to keep "cool.' Thte new kind oí ü was nscd toar near a ino'inH. wlicn some ome was Bd i o taste i;, and ,Í1 was íound in be especially adapted to pancakes Xort iviiii' Record. A streel fakir dono quite a ■i our s, reets last nigfrl .- B Ule Enterprise. Wonder í a deali- in gram in ars would have lil 1 psilant i Oommerclal. Oharles G. Rlch, oí Toledo, and Miss .nía Beaoh, oí Deerfield, were mari ; he ('i ty !niii-, Adrián, Friday rening, Augugl Ttii. !y Justlce I',. . Smitli. Mr. Rlcb ]lovs the billows f r,akr Erie as ;i bold," yet, s is sometlmes fché case among su iirs, !i' experi mced a yeai ■ the leacto. 1 ■ young lady, on her pari ■is mei wit h good fortune to marry lieli, "a consummatlon devoutlj to a," and ; ie result ghould ppy une. - Alivian i" V gides, ii mus: he e b ■■■ ." g i'c.-isiu'i' to have been married bj They are Indeed a lu onple. Pronnnciati wi bees átenos theprop('!■ caper. They have been having hem at a number ol the summer ►Ís season, and they have made as mutíh excltement as i lie oldtashioined s flling bees osed to. They are comducted mi substantlally the same principie as the spelling, only they are pelled out and ili" eontest.-mts musí ptonou'nce them. It is probably safe t; say tha1 there aro mC'Te words mis-pronounced tliam are mis-spelled by Intelligent people, and the prooounctag bees ought to i)1 popular i.i the citiea nexi vinter. rhelr snccess would andoubtedly be mnced. Chelsea Standard. "It is .-i delicate subject wlth us." ays a westèfn editor, "but we are vcry nuicii em'barrassed llnanclally and is free from money as a frog is from eathers. li eotne o4 yon folks thnt owe vis on subecrliption, could have photograph ol otur eanpty stom pocket, you would hustle n dollar or so nnd cbange öie picture. Our sasli receipts have beep bo light the ►os1 mcrath that a Hesalan fly eould oasl them up in ton seconds. We Uslike ii is Contraction of ctirrency very inuch. and you, one a:id all, ild extend a hand 1 p tielp us out k the nuoney panic we are undergong. 1'. s.- Don't forget to liavc gllvci- in hand when extended. Ageni Ii.-unoii, of the M. '., who Las iiniii'i-taki'ii ti) supply lady passingera wlth boquets if Oówers as iiicy jiass through the city has more il a las!; than he xpected. !I gan wit'.i two giria and 90 boquets day, and mra lias six irii-ls buslly it wor in bheir preparatlon and distribution.- Ypsilanti Oommereial.


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