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President Seth Luw, (if Columbia College, and ex-Mayor of Brooklyn, wlll eontribufe a paper t the September Century on "The Governmeni ol Cltlee in the ünlted States," in iwMeb ke considera what a city government oughi to nadertake to do. ti ml what foriii o! organization is best lor its purposo. .Tulion Gordon's novel, "A Puritan Pagan," was publMhed by 1). A.ppleton & Co. on .Tuly .'Hst. Wlthin a ■weet a secoiul edltioo was on the press; tlüs was scan exhaasted, aml ■i tiiird edltioo is ii'nv om ita way to the biKikstorcs. It is lio secret Hial "Jnlien Cordon" gtamids lor Mis. Van Reasselaer Ouger, í New York city. Mr. de Blowltz wlD contributo a Btrlking nrticlo to the Beptember numbor oí Harper's Magazine on "Germaiiy. Franee, and general European Politics."' In this paper Ho proposes to forocast and trace the luture politics of Europe umii, os he says, "the ïic.v cataclysm, whlch is lionnd to happen, and which wil] agaio change iis tace, accordiog t,i the issue of the combats wliicli will tlien be fousht out." Momtgomery Schuyler'a "Glimpsesol Western Architecture" will be continued in tJio September number of Harper's Magazine. Ilaving, In the iros ïous num'ber, deseribed the nist. etrlklng features In the construction oí the public buildings In Chicago, he wül in the second paper irive his impressinns ol 1 hc domestiC ai'cliiu ■cturi of that city. The paper wlll be aanply Hustrated with views ol notable imüdiniis and peculiar or eharacteristic archltectural devices. "Tales of Two Countries" is the titlc of tlie new volume whieh Harper & Brothers have just brought out In ihcir "Odd Series" ol translatlons trom foreign languages 'Che autlior is llie ■calirated Nor uenian slory-writer. Alexander Kielland, the ti-anslatiir is "Villiam Archm-, and the w rit er of ih ■ iutrodiietion is Professor Hjalmar HJorth Boyesen. ivlii) was Mr. Kielland's iellow student in the Oniversity ol Xm-way Tl' book is a beautiíul mie, and in every way a vrorthy addltlon to th( unique and very popular serias ut -v hieli it is n part. A revised editioo of Prof. -Tos' jil l.e Ooote's "Evolution and lts Ueia t ion in Religious Thought" is nnw cu the presa ol the púbSlshers, D. Ap pleton iV ('o. First issued aboui thre years agio, this wm-k lias already ha( tour edltions, and has proved to l? oné ni the most eatisfactory ol th( mai, y discussloas teedlng to eatab Usli bhe -.i isisrcncy ol fundamenta reügious beliefa uitii tlie known lawB of development. Prof. Le Conté lonows the ground on which te stands, an has eonquered liis rljfht to be I and thoee w Un are familiar wltli ;in cli arador of liis other wrltlnga wil appreciate liis quallficationa for dea! ing'.i the subject ol the preseni book. Thrcc new cbaptera aro incorporated, ono o! fchem retating to mal tors upan v, liich the author states tliat his ni i mi uasuot fully clear when bok was first Avrittoa, and he lias been "willing to wait, amd let tin loa ven work." lid ni.i despair of curlng your stek head&che when yon can ■■ i easlly obtain Carter'a Little Liver Pilis. I win ■ prompt and permanent cure." TUcir action i i mild and natural


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