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He's The Bashful One

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Mii.: in nlne ■ om ol ten, brides are mach mor possessed than are bridegroóms, when ti.c marrtage ceremony la being perr íormcd. A Bhy, modest looklng Uttle crear tur.' robed in wnlte wlll stand peote i erect, looklng ai the minister ■.■' i:i and squarely íb tae eye withoui (or in Instaot losing her seU poise, whlle the bdg, blunt six footer ol a bridegroom by her Bidé, is palé and ous uní trembling. His fingere are llkely to twitoh iici-vmis!y. and he may even liitcli at his brousera legs or twist a oorner ol lus coat skfrt. I was once "begí man" to a stalwart, middle aged bridegroom, noted for liirf courauT and feats ol darintc. says a writer in the Philadelphia Cali, and vhon tho tinu' enme for us to go down Btairs io moot the brlde and her at loiidants. he nearly liad a fit. and he looked Hko ;i walking cörpée all through the ceremony. I had to keep saying, "Brace up, ld boy," and "t'nnie, come, you've got lo ro down," to ii". liim Btarted at all; and at the door lio was idiotie eneugh to clutch at me and say: "Say, Fred, how woulcl it do to havo Mary and the preacher slip in here and havo it ' all over with before wo u-o down at all? I ctui't go through it before all that crowd." "Idiot!" I said. brtefly and pointodly onough to le;ive no doubt as to my meanlng. Mary won't como in tere, and yoti wlll go clown this instant." He go-t tairouRli at last without dotug anything ridieulous. tu whlch respect lie was luekier i han anothev sr.ihvart bridegroom of my acquaintanee, NvhO was so dnzed and overeóme that he held out one of bis own lingera for the ring when the minister said: "With tliis ring 1 thee wed.'' Another bridegroom I know lost bis head o sueh a degree iliat when ii oasH tinu' f i iiiin lo eay: "I, Horace, take thee, Annie, to Ik' mylawlul wedded wüe," he said, in a.n unnaturally loud tone: "I, Annie. take, thee, Horace, t-o be my lawful wedded wlfe," nul wben the time eame for him to introduce nis bride to eome of hia friends wlio had not .vet aeen her. he dld ir )y eaylng, awkwardly: "Ah, er- Miss Carter, tliis is my wlfe, Miss Barton," calUng her by her maiden name. Few men say "my Wife" casily and naturally the Ilret time they asa the worde iu public. A ï'imny cas.' was iliat of a badly rattled liridegrooni who stared ly at the minister until asked if he to:ik ■■ihis iroman to be his lawlul wedded wiíe," when he started widdenly and hastUy, and aaid, In the b'.nndesi marnier: "Ah! Ik'íc pardon, were you gpeakinsï too me ?" A Tlllage preacher said tliat h-c once married a rural couple at tlic "mo.ine of the bride's parents in the preaence of a largo company of inylted guests. The bridegroom waB a Wg, iioiiy. red faced fellow, who loaked as t.hougïi ho could have í lied aan ox wlth liis ü-jt; bat he shivored and turned pale at the begtonlng of nhe eeremony, and at lts close he feil down In a dead faint, to the manlfesi e of liis bride, who had been as cool as a eucumber.'


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