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An eminent ord ehiei justice wtoo was trying a right of way caso, had Iiefore liim a rwitness. an old farmer wtho was ipiioceeding to teil the jury Hm! he had "knowed the path tor Rixty year, and my fether tonld I as he heered my jrrand-fether zay- " "Stop!" said the judgo. "We ca.n't liftve any hearsay evidence here." "Not?" exejaimed Farmer Giles. "Tlien how dost know who tliy feyher was 'cept by hearsay ?" After tüie laugliter had subslded the Judíje said: "In coarta of law we can only lx' suided with wiiat vmi have neeu witih your oyes, and noíhing more or loss." "Oh that lx1 blo-wed for a tale!" replied the farmer. "I he' pro a ilo on the i:. uk on my neck, and I never 8ee.d 'un, lut I be prepared feo Bwear that he's i licvo, daag ' uu!" Tliis second triumph on the part of the witnesa lel in a torremt of hearsay ovidonce about the footpaili. wfriieh obtalned weljrht willi the jury. albeit tho Judge told Hluin, i was not teatimony of any value, and tho farmer's party won.


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