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For Sale By Reinhardt & Co., Ann Arbor

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W. L D0U6LAS $P SHOE Best in the World. S v Awanlnl the medal lor superior iiialiry of material i rik! nruHcirncy in workmansblp orer all otticr shoe , V V exhibir, by tiv itlassaciiilsettM l'iiniitaMc Me I SJ vA A chmiics" AnHUclation, Itoston, 1O90. f d'TfD ForCENTi.EW!EN. ) pOr LADIES. SJ.UvpHanci-Sewed. ,■ . 3 UU Sewed. ÍS A ftrtHïüd-Semd ; ." & CA188 all U Welt Shoe. y ; mOJ Dongola. S3.50P0llCFe, %■ $2.00 Eltralu,. s2.50sue .í'-ít $l"75 M: gA A'" Workingf SSs. rOf BOYS & YÖUTH S. '2.00 Shoe. ''WflBiHi SCHOOL SHOES. W. L. Dónelas Slioc-s for fi-iil lomen are made in Congress, Button and Lace, sizedsto II, IncludIng half sizes and wldtüs, and all styles of toe. Boys' sizes 1 to 5 1-2, and youth's 11 to 13 l-'J, also half slze W. Ii. Doualiis S.5.00, S-2.50 and S-i.00 Shoen fnr I.adies are made In "Opera" and "American siz-i ! to 7. and half sizes : C (except in 82.50 shoe), D, E, EE widths. W. L. Douala Ñ1.7- Shoc for Mtsseai lito 2 and half sizes, regular and spring heels. tf AUTÍM T KEWARF, OF FRADD. Do you want to woar the genv.lne 'R . L. DOÜGLAS llAU I IUN ! so. read tliis caution cárefully. W. L. Douglas' name and the price are stampei! plainlvon thi bottom of all iiis ndvertised shoes before leavlng the factory, whlch protects the wearer against hliíh prlcea and inferior goods. If a shoe dealer attemptsto sell you shoes without .K Douglas' name aii'l the price stampcd on the bottom. and claims they are hls make, do hol boüecerea thefebv. alth niijh the dealer may bo your personal friend, put him down as a fraim. j It is a dm wou owe to yourself and your family durina these hard times, to get the most -v alue for your monev Yon can eoonomize !ti your foot-wear if you purchase W. L. Dou;;las shoes. lik'h. 'itnout queatlon. represent : greater value ior the mouey than any other make in the v.-orld, as thousauds üo uae Wanted - A loi-til aaent in erery city and tonn In the U. S. not already occupiea. 'ÏÏ'ocSï adTertiw-d "agent cannot rapplyyon. take no others. hut send dlroct t ■ faetory, enclosing advertised price. Tri Order by Mail, Gentlemen and BoyswiU state usnallyworn, fii" andwMUÉ desired Ladles wlll please st.ito stvle deslred, size and wldth usually worn, r.nd If n sniii; or loose nt li nreferrpd. Miss es size and kind of heel. W. L. nOtJGI-A!, Brockton, Mass.


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