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Greatest Offer Ever Made

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No ixxik. exceptlng tIio Blbte, has ever bad Buch a salo Ín the United States as General Grant'a Memolrs. ííix hundred and fifty thousand copies have already gone into The lomes of the rich, but the aubseription price of $7.00 has placed it beyood tlio reach oí people iu moderate circumstances, If 500,000 peopli1 have been willlng to pay $7.00 for Grant's Memolrs, i Inri' must le a couplc of million people Ín tlie United States who want them, and will jnmp at the opportunlty to buy tliem at lew figure lurc offered. W will senil you General Grant's MemolrB, pubaiaher's edltion, best paper, clotli, green and gold binding', liitherto sold hy subscrlption at $7.00, for 30 cents!- for 30 cents! - absolutely 30 cents! and abeolutely a proposition sueli as lias nevar been made in th history of boofc publishlng. The two splendid volumes of Grant's Memolrs, of which 050.000 copies have been ali-eady aold- not a ctoeap edition, but the best- for 30 cents; provided you send your gubscrlptlon to tbe Ann ArHor Courier for ome year, and also a subecrlptlon of $3.00 for tJie Oosmopolltan Magazine, the brightost and ebeapest oí the great lllustrated mooithlies, itself equal to the best $4.00 magazine. The CosmoDolitan is enabled to make this offer because otf thie purchase of 600,000 volumes at a price whieh even pubüshers woiüd deern imposeible, and with the idea of ruiming up its circulation to half a million copies. By contract with the Cosmopolitan we are en&bted to offer our readers ;i share in the low price obtained through tlie lejrgest parchase of books ever made in the history of the world. If, however, ymi have Crant's books, Oosmopolitan's offer wil! permit you to take instead. Gen. Shermnn's Memoixs, 2 vols., sold by Bubscrlption for $5.00, (Jen. Slicridan's Memoirs, 2 vols., eold by subsoription for $6.00, Gen. McOlellan's Memoirs, sold by subseriptiom for ■?". 7.". All of these are bound in cloüi, Rreen and g-üld. In uniform stylewlBh Grant's Memoirs. The Ooemopolitaii is aeni pos1 prepaid, bui the poetage on the books, at the rate of 1-2 cent per ounee. must be remitted witii tbe order: Gen. Grant'8 Memoirs. !)( 1-8 cents: !en. Sheridan's Memoirs, '■- o..- 40 cents: Gen. Sherman's Memoirs, 84 oz.- 4l' cents: Gen. McClellan'a Memoirs, 48 oz.- 24 cents. Send tis at once $8.00 tor the year's subecription to the Coamopolitan, $1.00 for one year's Bubscrlption to the Ann Arbor Oourier, and 30 cents for a set of Memoirs $4.30 in .all- to willen add postage on the particular Eet of Memoirs selected. JUNIUS E. BEAL, Editor Oourier. During the week beginntng August 19, the .Jmeriran Assoointion for the Advancemeni oí Setene ■ lield its -I-Oth annual meeting a1 Washington. Thla society ranks, undoubtedly (oremost amoog BClentlHc associations of this country. It has over 2,000 members and tiie selection of a candldate for president is conceded alternetively to a representative f the natural and physical sciences. Thus the laét president was a whereas the present one is a chemlst, Albert liniJamin Prescott. He is a member of the family that included Colonel fm. Préscott, the ]ero of Iïunker Hill and the distinnuished historian, Wm. H. Presoott. The professor was bom in New York, slxty years auo. ilr graduated from the ünlversity of Michigan as a phyelcian. ju 1804 and tuien served in the army as assistani aurgeom until the war was over. Ilr returnefl to Ann Arbor and was immediately made pror f orgjaiiic and applled chemistry. In 1884 he was made director oí the Chemical laboratory. He also bad charge ' the School ' Pharmacy in the university sincc tg organization and in 1875. when the chool became a distinct department, be was fhosen dea n oí lts faenlty. Profcss-r I'ri'scott is i promlaent member of a number -jí scientiflc socVetlea, both here and obroad and has made himsolf prominent in the revisión on the I'. s. Pharmacopeoia, in 1880. The annuaJ picnic for the sewing i wil', be held in the grove opposite the oid fair grounds, Friday after. . u lí . 28th. Frlends wiahing tu dónate eatables of any kind or money, can leave them at .Miss Brown's, No. 13 S. state st., or at Mr. Holmes on Poresí ave. Thiirsday afternoon or Friday morning. We must próvido for 100 eiiildivn and hope our friends will not forget ns. M. S. Ilrown, Supt.


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