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Cohvcll's Timo Clinrt oí the World," ís a üttle publieatkm, iasned by the Time ('hart Publlshlng Co., ofYpilanti, Micli., wbich contatos i fund ot' Information invaluable 10 tho nu travel ly land or sea. Il is a vertlable encyclopedla oondensed into a siuall compasa tha1 may be carried in your Ule pocket and referred to in an instant. There ave so many questtons angwered lm it wWch travelera are continually taqulring about, iii.ii the prioe, the email som oí 50 cents, would seem insifrnifieant. It would 1m' valnable for the counting room or the average hotae as well, tor the Information contained therein is ofton -wa.nted in bot places. ft can lo found in Ann Arbor at Sheehnn (lo's.. on State st. The netion of Carter'a Little Ijver Pilis is pleasant, mild .and natural. Tiicy gently stimulate the llver, and regúlate the bawels, but do not purge. TUey are sure t pleasci. Try tliem. .if Th' Michigan Central R. E. wil] 'nu tira excursión traías to Detroit August 27th to September 5th, junöay excepted. The flrst train eaves Ann Arbor at 8.15 and the ld train at 9.49 a. m. Iïcturnng, the trains leave Detroit at 5 and it llo'cLotík p. m. Tickets $1.65 a liioli includes an admlssioa to the ■xpoeitioo grounds, and are limited eturnlng bo September ."}Mi. Tickets o,i on traJtns Xo. 5, (j, 9, 10. 14 19 and 20. The furnlture dealer, Martin Halier, las been In Grand Rápida and Chlcaïo wlth a view to prepare f or lal] trade. He saya he selected a line of jyoods that wlll surpass any tluiiü,bat lias been broug'ht into our university city vet. - - The Mldhigwn Central IÍ. II. will -i' a special excursión to Traverse -Ity, Sept. 3d. leavlng Ann Arbor a1 J.10 a. m. Tickets .$5, for the round trip, ft-ood until Sept. 12th. ► The followinpr item Ia taken from ■he Milán Leader. Supposing it had occurrerl in Anu Arlxir '.' AVouWl not the whole world went wild about t: "AiioiJicr disgraceful fight is reloi-K'd in oonnection with last Saturlay iiihi's dance at the rink, in which i n-'v btotle was used by one uentlenan to knock ainither gentleman inwn. rt Burely must be an elefcami liace fov ladies bo go. Bucta reflnenent! sneli elegance in manners and leportment! sucli gentJemaaily senlemen! surely, all sneh noble characerlstlCfl are schloni fmnul ontside of a saloon." Two Genuine Harvest Excursión s Will be run from Chicago, Milwaukee, and other points on the lines of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Raihvay to points in western Minnesota, northwestern [owa, South and North Dakota, Xebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Montana, at cheap excursión rates, on August 25 and September 29, 1891. For Eurther particulars apply to the nearest coupon ticket agent, or address Ilarry Mercer, Mich. Pass. Agent, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, li Griswold street, Detroit, Mich., or George H. Heafford, Gen'l Pass. Ag't., Chicago, 111. P. S. - It will do your heart good to see the mhgnificent crops in South Dakota. They are simply immense. EOOMSJOM! An elegant suite of rooins, steainïeated, over the Post Office, with all nodern conven iences. Hot and cold water, closets, sewers etc. Enquire at Courier office.


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