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Tiib brewery of Joseph Schneider and six dwellings at New Brunswick, N. J., were burned, the loss being 5100,000. I'kok. ,T. C. Russeli. and his exploring party arrived at Port Townsend, Wash., frora Alaska. The party was absent live months, and in that time lost six men. John Russ was lynched at Columbia, La., for killing Miss Hager Sterling. Attempts were made to wreek three different Irains on the Iowa Ci-ntral near Marshalltown, Ia., by placing timbers on the track. Brig. Gek. Stanley, commanding the department of Texas, in his annual report to the war department says more troops are needed on the border. The United States supretne court has advauced the case of Boyd vs. Thayer, which involves the eligibility of Boyd to the governorship of Nebraska, and the argumenta will be heard on the lirst Monday in November. In his aunual report to the secretary of the interior Gov. L. Bradford Princo, of the territory of New Mexico, insists that New Mexico is entitled to statehood. Mr. Muri'iiy, the United States special agent, was meeting1 with considerable success in his eftorts to introduce Indian corn itito Germany. Makgakkt and Bridget Breen, aged sisters, died in Boston of starvation. Although offered iood repeatedly by their neighbors, they were so proud they always refused to accept. Fifty cases of diphtheria, with eleven deaths, were reported at Noblesville, Ind. Sunol, Bonner's wonderful mare, trotted a mile in 2:083 at Stockton, Cal., beating her own record of 2:10 made a week ago and lowering the world's record of Maud S. of 2:08% by ' half a seeond. The final session of the Methodist Ecumenical council was held in Washington. A wöman about 25 years old committed suicide by herself from the top of the Washington monument at Baltimore. Md. All but eighteen of the forty-four States in the union have adopted the Australian ballot system. An explosión of natural gas in a building-, in Allegheny, l'a., injm-ed five persons, two of them fatally. Mavoi: BSBBZ md the entire city couneil of Newport, Ky., were sent to jail for sir moiiths ior conteinpt of court. The warehonse of the Speer Wine Company at l'assaic. N. J., wasburned, the loss $100.000. The four children of John Long1, a farmer r.ear Limé líoelc. Ala., were burned to death by the house taking fire the absence of their parents. A piBE in the Wallabout market in Brooklyn, N. Y., eausecl a loss of $250,000. BOBS Congkk, a farmer 80 years old, was bunkoed out of 83.000 near Lima, O., by a couple of sharks who secured his signatUre to a nobe forthat amount. As a result of the trouble between the Associated Press and the Western Union TelegTaph Company a new org-anizatioD to be known a tire National Preson w a.s effected in New York with Charles A. Dana at its head. The warehouse ol' Bardvyell, Robinson &Co., sash and door maiiufacturers at Minneapolis, was burned, the loss being-5jlO0,OÜ0. Two LABOBEKS killed by a smash-up on the Wabash railway at Forrest HUI, 111. Krank U. ETookeh, of Xew Haven, Con 11., was elected president of the National Carriage .Makers' association in sv'snio:i al Cincinnati. M.u. (Jen. Schopield in his annual report to the seeretary of war recommends the reorganizaron oí the army. He also recotnmends that the enlistment of Indians bé continued. PüBTKEli advices state that four persons lost their lives and tvventy-three were injured by the accident on the Burlington road at Monmouth, HL WpwEN pi lli;ivatha, Kan., tore the posters ttnd lilhoraphs of tne London Gaiety Cürls from the bill-boards and denounced those ho attended the perfonnanco as social outcasts. Sv.ak St. .lohn-,. MtJ., 9 lialtimore & Ohio passenger train was wrecked by the sprêadln'g of tlie rails and the eng-ineer and firetnan were killed and three other persons fatally injured. Two colohbd hostlers were asphyxiated by natural gas in their beds at Allegheny City, Pa. The compress of the Eastern Texas Express Company at (rreeijville, Tex., wás burned, tdgether with 8,000 bales of cotton, entailing a loss of s:;s0,00U. Direct defeated Hal Pointer at Nashville, Tenn., in three straiffht heats, pacinff the second raile in 2:094', the best time ever made in a harness raice. Flames in the oecupied by the Oxidized Acid Company at Cleveland, O., caused a loss of $5100,000. Dr. Fhaxki.ix D. Clajrk, an old and wealthy resident of Chicago, eommitted suicide b.y asphyxiation. Family troubles were the supposed cause. A MONUMENT to the late Henry W. Grady was unveiled at Atlanta, Ga. A misplacei) switch on the Chicago, Milwaukee & Ut.' Paul railway near Boone, la., injured several persons. lx a special report on the operations of the weather bureau Chief Ilarringfton shows that on September 30 there were over 1,200 weat-ier si;;n;il display stations in operation, and in addition there were over 2,200 voluntary observers reporting to the weather bureau. Tuk Bank of Lewisburg, Tcnn., has íailed, with liabjlities of $SO,000 and assets of 9125.000. Tuk vülage oí Animas Forks, Col., troyed by tiiv. The boiler of a thrashins machine exploded ille, N. i'.. klUin six men nuil badly injuring1 two ethers. The post office at Urookston, Jlinn., was rob bed of 'SJ.üOO in money and registered Letters. John (J. loi.MKs, of l'ittsburg-h, was elected president of the National Street Railway association at the convention in Pittsburg'h. rr" - -'Tiiln mines and smelters at Anaconda ana isune, mimi, wn= roopened, employment to 3,000 men. The mines had been idle for seven nionths. At Telluride, Col., James Mercer, express messeng-er of the Denver & Rio Grande vSoutbern, was shot and killed by Mrs. A. Y. Watson, who then took her own life. A tiirti.k in Jackson county, Ind., lived four months without food or water. Tiik Glendala woolen milis at Glendale, Mass., were destroyed by fire, causing a loss of $200,000. An incendiary fire de,stroyed the courthouse at Childress, Tex., with all the records of Childress and Cottle counties. The loss of three fishing schooners with their crews of thirty-six men was reported at Gloucester, Mass. Eugkne F. García, aged 70 years, and for twenty-six years paying teller of the Louisi ana state bank at New Orleans, was said to be a defaulter to the amount of 8190,000. J. II. Schonk, chief clerk in the treasurer's office of Ualtimore county, Md., and two other clerks were indicted foi embezzling 825,000. A FiüK at Lancaster, Ky., destroyed the opera house, five business building1.-) and five residenees. I'ike destroyed a stable near Rushville, Ind., together with four horses worth S15.000. Tuk l'orest hotel, the largest and principal hotel at the famous Xatural Uridge, Virginia, was destroyed by fire. The TypothetsB of America in session at Cincinnati elected W. O. Shepherd, of Toronto, as president. At the leading clearing-houses in the United States the exchanges during the week ended on the 23d aggregated 81,213,150,251, against 81,170,712,353 the previous week. The decrease as pared with the corresponding week of 1890 was 11.60. Tkn Deffroes convicted of the murder j of Thornton Nance and sentenced to be hanged at Laurens, N. C, were reprieved, pending an appeal to the supreme court. Tin: report of the sixth auditor of the treasury for the post office department shows that the postal revenues of the year ended June 30. 1891, were 865.931,785, against 850,883,097 in 1890, and the expenditures $5,730,078, against 85,048,019 the previous year. Robkrt Jobdan (colored) was hanged at Hampton, Va., for assaulting Mrs. Moore, a white woman. It was said that the United States would demand f uil reparation of Chili for the recent attack upon the crew of the steamer Baltimore at Valparaíso. In the United States the business failures during the seven days ended on the 23d numbered 249. ag-ainst 259 the preceding week and 225 for the corresponding week last year. Tuk number of immigrants arriving in the United States during the month of September was 52,700, as compared with 45, 478 for the corresponding month last year. ( J korge C. McMulking, a farmer living- near Almond, Wis., was held up by highwaymen and robbed of 85.000. Coji.Missio.vKU Morgax, of the IndiaD bureau, has desig-nated Mount Pleasant, Isabella county, Mich., as the site for the third and last Indian industrial school. Adelbert Uoheen was hanpred at Fergus l'alls, Minn., for the murder oí Eose Bray on March 28 last. Tuf. Dnited States grand jury at Falls, S. D., ï-eturned eleven indictments aguinst ofiieersof the Louisiana lottc.vy. TheODOBE l)'::i:Fi.ixrK!. treasureroi the Seventh ward school board of Pittsburg-h, Pa., v;ls saiil to be r!,C00 short in his accounts. Ciiixamhx were said to be entering the United Stut.'s Trom Mexico in large numbers. The schooner Red Winpf, of Noank, Conn. , was wrecked 100 miles below Lewes, Del., and the entire crew of nine persons lost. Two brakkmi;n were kiljedand two enpineers fatally injured in a collision of freight trains o:i the Northwestern railroad near Lake City. Ia. Philip Stkijjmetz, a life prisoner at the penitent ;üv in Coluinbus. O., died of heart failuro. Hewa72 years old and had been in prison twenty-six years. A peculiar diséaSé has developed in the MeGuigan faiuily living near Columbus, Ind. Each member of the family with the right ore can soe as (yreat a distance as is possible witii a telescope, while withthe U-ft eyethey cannot recognize objeeta acrosa the street ÜI'SINKSS throug-iiout the country was said to be remavkably active and constantly inereasinfj. 'J'jik morchandise cxports frora the rnited States during were valuedat í?8;J.:")87. s--.r, aainst #6S,(!93. 137 during September, Ib"!tO. I m ports d uring- September were valued at 861,508,996, ayainst S75,9S'J,743 the same month lastyear. Wiiile digging1 o, public well at Chandler, O. T., a large vein of g-old quartz was struck at a depth of 50 feet in the rocky cliff. Thk annual report of Brig Gen. Dubarry, commissary general of subsistence in the arniy, contains a paragraph avowing the necessity for haviiag better cooks for the army. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Return Jonathan Mei&s, appointed clerk of the supreme court of the district of Columbia ;it its organization in 18(53 by President Iincoln, died at Washington in his 90th year. I'atiuck Kii.i.kx, the heavy-weight pugilist, died in Chicago, aged 28 years. The cause of his death was erysipelas and alcohol ism. Thomas Rooxey, the oldest man in Michigan, died at Fremont, ng-ed 109 years. liun.DF.iiov WELLS up.ifkix, United States consul to Sydney, New South Wales, died at Louisville, Ky., aged 50 jTars. Mrs. Hattie M. Kimbali., of Clarksburg1, W. Va., has been elected president of the Pennsboro & llarrisville railroad. Mrs. Kimbali is the first woraan ever elected to such a position in the United States. Rev. William Bbockwat died at Albion, Mich. aged TS years. He was the first minister who rode on the Methodist circuits in Miahican. John Shobteix died at Little 'iork, Ind., aged 102 vears. FOREIGN. The official Germán erop report shows 12,000,000 bushels less rye and 6,000,000 lcss wheat than in 1890. Tuk Krceman's Journal says that there is a strong feeling throughout Ireland in favor of a determinad effort in the direction of reconciliation. The town of Leda, Geriuany, was almost totally destroyed by lire. Kour hundred houses were in ashes, and almost twice as many families were living in the streets and fields. The town of Rockow, Russia, was entirely destroyed by fire and five ehildren were burned to death during th conflagration. Thk clerical party was defeated by the liberáis at the recent election in Chili. It was reported that Russia had sur rounded Constantiqpple with troops in sufficient number to leave that city practically at the mercy of the czar. Severat. lakes near Bangor, Wales, burst their banks and flooded neighboiv ing slate quarries, throwing 1,000 workmen out of employment. Serious anti-Semitie riots were reported at Tchernigoff, Russia, in which thirty Jews were killed, while five hundred .suffered either in person or in property. John T., an American, and Lanado Rodríguez and Antonio Ventro, Mexicana, engaged in a desperate fight at the San Pat(lo mine near Huena Ventura, Mex. , and all were fatally injured. . II. fe Co., well-known book pnblishers in London, failed f or 9180,000. The house was a century oíd. The czar has giren :.000.000 rubíes from his private purse for the relief of the íatnine-stricken people oí Russia. Many Mexican rivers werp out of their banks and gre-at damage had been done by 1 li tl io Is As a military train was passing tlïrougb the town oí Reni, in lïessarabia. bombs were tbrown on the line, by whicta ten soldiers were killed and six m riously injured. 1a-Cmti.ii .-■ i a i i:s Consul James Mihkay. wlw had lired in St. John, N. H., since nis retircfnent from office, committed suicide by blowin his brains out. Lunadcial trouble was the cause. Bevebal villag'es in the province of (r;uia()a. Spain, have been isolated by the flfiods. A i'anm;n;i:i: Bteainer on the Volga vi as di'stroyed by near and seven persons (.erished in the flames. rJ'iii-: notorions bandit l'alenzuela was killeil by soldiers in the San Juan woods neax Colon, Cuba. Choleba wae epidemie at Amoy, China, hundr 'ds of persons haring' died, includiny many English and American missionaries. A s;: voleano on the island of Pantcllaria is 2.800 ieet long and fs just risible above the surface of the sea. Tuk Canadian minister of agriculture has asked the governor general to issne a proclamation prohibiting the immigration of Russián Jews to the dominion. LATER NEWS. Thi iniversary of American Methodusm was eelebrated with approprkn.- services in the old John Street Methodist episcopal chureh in New York, the first chureh of that denomination estublished in this country. Katik COi.k, a jrirl of 18 years, droppod dead in the street at Pottstown, Pa., from tisrlit laeing-. A RKíeN of terror existed all along1 the Mexican border of the Rio Grande r T r, and the inhabitants from over there were flocking into Texas in droves. Neak Glasgow, Ky., the boiler at John Quui y'. sawmill exploded and six persons were fatally hurt. Tiii;i:l ehildren of John Cummings, a farmer living near Penetang-uishene, Ont. , set fire to their home and perished in the dames. SiaKi.iAin Blaine has returned to Washington after an absence of more than five months. He was in good health. At Topeka, ICan., an incendiary iire destroj'ed tlie livery barn of j. E. Crouse, and ten horses perishrd in tlie flames. The schooner Frankün was wrecked off Gurney l'oint. Mass.. and Capt. Kelly, nis two sons and three men were drowncd. Eigiity ears loaded with 1,600 bales of cotton were bnrned at Itird's Voint, Mo., cáusing a loss of 8100,000. At Lamiuix, France, the floods undermined several building's, which subsequently collapsed, and twenty inmates were killed and nine other person.s were buried in the dcbris. The town of Jlieringen. Switzerland, containing 3,000 inhabitants, was eompletelv destroyed bv fire.


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