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St. Andrew's New Chancel Window

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Those who attended services at St. Andrew's church last Sunday a. m." noticed for the first time the new chancel window ivhich had been placed in position a day or so previous. It is i memorial wffidow, placed Éhere by Mra. Welle, in memory of her husband, the late Dr. E. Wells, so favoralily knowa to Ann Arbor people in nn earlier flay, and of her daughter Li lian, who died a year-or so since. The artista have indeed executed a beautíful picture. The scène is taken from the XVI. Chapter of St. Mark. 5th and Cth verses: "And entering into the sepulcher they saw a young man sitting on the right side, ciothed in ;l iOnK white garment; and they were affrighted. .'.'n.(1. "f saith unto ttom. Be not affnghtiHl; y seek Jesus of Nazareth wlio was crucified; lie is risen; hè 14eyOLIidri:im1Ol1 the PlaCe WÜere It was Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jamee, and Salome wlio had com.i with Kweet spices that they might nnoint the body, to whom the angel addressed thosc wörds. The artlflt represents them inside the seputehre, the angel sitting upon tlw stone that had been removed, and pointing upwards with hla riirht hand. All about is darkness save the iiuiit tnat is refteeted f rom the nngelic body. To the rig-ht of the angel is Salome, and in front in Mary Magdalene, tweeling, and to the lef't i.s Mary the mother of James. The colorini; is beautiiul and wül bear a close inspeetion. When the chancel shall have been completad and tlw surroundings made to harmonizo wi'th tliis beautiful window, it wlll bear out the laudatory statement of txrfng the iinest thing of the kind in tlii state. People who dbeire to obtain the full benefit of the picture shouid watt until ths chancel is compteted and decorated. - Notwithstanding the inclcment weather, the lecture room of the Dlsciples' church was well filled in response to the cali for the. organization of in Engllsh Lutheran Sunday school. The followinff officers were elected: Supt., Dr. F. H. Brown: ass't. supt., Cari Lange; ree. sec'y, Miss Mary Englehardt; organist, Cari Schlenker; treasurer, Mrs. Brown. The lollowlng teaehera wen1 appotnted: Senior class, Prof. Belser: young men's Bible class. ; young l&dle's Bible class. Mrs. Brown; intermedíate classes, Miss Paullne Weis, H, J. SlagIe. F. H. Belser; primary department, Miss Clara Sheffleld. First regular meeting will be held next sunday afternoon at the Diseiples' church at three o'clock. All are cordlally iuvited. On Monday last Samuel (. Benham, the veteran ctgar of this city, dU'd of apoplexy. He was taken ill whlle at work in hi.s shop at about quarter of twelTe o'clock. and died a' short tinie afterward. His reina ins were taken to his residenee, Xo. 32 E. Liberty st., trom where the funeral services will be held to-day. He was a native of Xew York, G5 yeara of age, and came to this city to reside in 1861. He leaves a wife and eisrht children, Mrs. W. W. Watts: Misseg Florence, and Uabel and Samuel L. Benham, ol Ann Arbor; Mrs. Powers, of Grand Rápida; Mis. Marshall, of Wayne; and II. C. Benham, of Ashtabulii, Ohlo. Tt may not b: known to all the newer reeádents Miat the eollection tak mi at the unlon srrvK-es on Tlianksfriving day is tor the Womaa's ('liar table Union. This is the only kocii'ty in the city orgianised ior general 'work Qiuon the poor, a ml vi ten taal at present theár treabary is vcry low. and winter is uponthem with many calis. Go to church then ir. -pared to ffive them as large au offering as possible, and then to see liow far they nxake a dollar reach, attend one of meetings. These are' held the first Thursda.v of each nioiith at three o'clock, i:t the partors of Harrte Hall. This is resillar Thanksglvlng weather.


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