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The Brotherhood Of Man

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It is an old, old story of the Christian duty of evcry person, and liis bearng toward hls fellow man. The iirotherhood of man iB now eliciting the attentiion of church people to a greater or less extent, and yet how many are there who open thelr hoarts and thoir homes to the stranger wlthrn the gates ? ThO greatest temperance work that could ba dono in this world would be for Christlan people to act in a Christlan way toward the younj; men in ovpry commmiity. Tt is the öeslre for'soslablllty, for companionahip, for Bociety that drives the young man to the saloon, not the deslre for drink. Keep the boys out oí the saloon (not n dii i:-nl t tliin-j; io do) and you vfill il more tban all the laws that all the lglálaturefl in the United fítatí's may enact íor tlv canse ol lemperance. ft is not lciiislation that is wanted en the temperance questton, it is the Spirit of Christ in the hearts of the people. "Love your brother as yourseli, and prove your love by paying attentlon to the smaJl courtesies of life. Whea you extend your liand to a youiif; man prove to hi'm by the grasp that your hcart is in it. and you wHl Im? doins i noble work for humanily. Tlic trosty atjnospliere that often prevades our ohurches needs thawing out. The Ypsilanti Commertial, in Kprakïng of the reraoval of D. B. Qréene as agent for the state board of corrections and charitics, says: "Mr. Greene was an excellent officer, we believe, büt he was not a demoerat." Whoevw is eleeted spoaker of the moxt house, it will nofc be a man who fouM tor the old llag. Just stick a pin there. The boomeraaiK legásiatlofl of the sqiKiwbucks is gettlng buok in greal ahape. No moro, eqnawbucks, no more fun, quictly thcy ore gathered in one by ane. Tlic Boston Globe, democratie, thinks that ncithcr Mr. rirvcland nor David Bothonds Hill can oarry NewYdi-k in 1892. The Globe is a Kood politicnl indicator. The southeast and east have boen visited wifch a terrible storm. Probably all on account of the loudness of tho candidatos for speaker of the national house of representativos. The gvnoral (tovesrament paid Snto tho sttte fereasury of Mtchlgam $420,856.66, UiKt year, aiul yet the state tax is abouf the samo as usual. Whew has the mooey i?one to ? WJrtb a party of 500 or 600 editors in the City, Aim Arbor will U.iv a grand opportunlty to do the hospitabic and generous thing by one of the body of poople that ever assembled in her miilst. Ohto is eutftled to cwo United States senators. After eteettag 8herman to succcctI hlmeell, the would be justiürd in unseating Mr. Brtee, ol New York, and putting Mr. loraker. of Ohio, ia his place. It is announcéd in the Borlin uews papen-s that the oaitire organization of thfi Impt-iial Opera Company of Berlín. Germany, wlll come to Chicago in 1893, to give operatic pforaiancea in the Music-llall to be orected in the Exposition grounds. Ooe of the candidates :or speakei of tlie ïu'xt natioual hoiuse of repreitives is seeking votos on th lise tliat iï olected he wUl nevei gutze Bx-Speakt Reed duxiflg thi l.s o! eowgTfi8. Thai -.cllow. ci , ku;nv Toni Very well. -The conlöderated áseemWy ol in.luirial unlons" is the elooj?ated and Ugh-8onnding title into wlüch the farmer's alliance has merged ltaell. It neveï Will sncoeed. The people wili become tired bétore bhey get hali throügb prooounciög ihv name, and give it. op. The Awtrattan ballot law does not go far enough. Any ons wlio nnitiof tlie bailo ts by tearing a piv'ce off of Sb to teke to the man wlio bought him, or lor luiy other purpose io distinguían it, should be buth tined and imp-risoned. That is the Avay Tammany got around tlie law in New York. The sentiment Is growAog as erery yeár passes, that no tnan sliould ba allnwvil to c-ast a ballotí at the polls wlio caji not read the ballot lie propoBes to cast. And that sentiment is eternally right. Thière is no uxcuse ior ignoranoe in this country and the Enurlish lanuuago (a the langTiage of this country. Demócrata usexl to luave a goot deal to say about tlua management of the state prison. under the repulili can rule but under taO present loose weak and inefficiënt management by the squawbuek, reformers and boodlers, escapes are becoming bo common and numerous tbat even dem ocrat papers are taking alarm.- Hills díale Leader. "It is gemerally conceded tliat a warden of a prison, -who oan't afford to officiate lor less than $2,500 and keep, stuould explain how it is that three menu can burrow a tunnel 30 feet long and escape, belore he is paid much of that salary. There should be more "keep" and less dltching done at the state prison,- Adrian Press, (Dem.") Tt ta a miglity öangeroua thlng just now in Michigan, to be caught toying with the Louisiana lottery in any w-ay. It onght to be made just as dangerousin Louisiana, luit in that state the lottery tijger owns juries, judges, executive olficers and legisla tures, the cntire civil machinery of the state is in tho hands of the tlgei just as completely as it is in the hands of the Tammany tiger in New York. The newspaper men of Ypsilanti appear to be unanimous in the opinión that they do not care for the presence of the editors of the state for one day during their coming animal ífession bere. There is no harm done, gentlemen. Ann Arbor has Bufflclent attractions to keep all the spare time of their three days Btay pleasantly and profitahly employed, and would be glad to have them reinain even longer. It is not a question of charity at all, simply a question of courtesy. The ï-eason that New York City can be governed by such a gang as Tammany hall eompriaee, is that it is an un-Amei-ican city. There are fv Americans than either Irisli, Germán-, Italians, Pollocks or Jews. it is a conglomeiration of all natlons of the earth, each une struggling íor the top, and the ''d 1 take the hrndemnogt." Tammany is an organized appetite, without eonscience, without moráis; Avith no controlllng force bnt greel, and all things are subverted to appe.ase lts ravenous appetlte. Tt may be of interesfc to somc of our dicmoerativ (rteocUi to knowt that at tüie election in 1888 the republican majority in tliis nciv 2d congressional disiriet, as gerrymandercd by the squawbucks, was 1,300. The Vote tihat year was 23,700 ï-epublican to 22,406 democratie. In 1890, however, when the ttat peddler Qlamity Mills landeüde took place, the vote Wfls considerably reversed and Stood 17,278 repnblican, and 20,295 democratie, making a vdemocratic majori1y of 3,017, a difference of over 4,000 votes.


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