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ANN ÁRBOR FRUIT FARM I Pears and Grapes a Specialty All kinds of Fruit. Ornamental Trees anc Flowers, from Elhvanger and Barry. Orde early bv mail. Syrupa, Medicinal Winea, Rasp berry Syrup, Boneset, Dandelion and other Domestic Grape Wines, prepared especially io invalids. Pure Plyinouth Rock Eggs. EMÏL BAUR, West Huron St., Ann Arbor tip l KLWING CATCHES THEM ALL READ THE FOLLOWING. "ï CHEW Jolly Tar because it gives me more good, solid Tobacco for the money than I can get in any other brand." " 1 OLLY TAR suits me and I J mean to stick to it. It is the largest and best piece of Tobacco I have ever been able to find." "T KNOW a good thing when 1 I see it. Jolly Tar filis the bill. It gives both quantity and quality." vVaeVCÚ.v. "y 7HEN I chew I want the VV best: I have tied to Jolly Tar and could not be induced to change." g, ■Ex.Qw,eY. "ï AM of the same opinión as 1 Bill. Jolly Tar is king of them all." vC YvvcmttM.. " 1 JE fellows want the most for VV our money always. Jolly Tar gives itto us ín good Chewing Tobacco. It is our stand-by." ANO THUS THEY ALL SAY.'JOLLY TAR IS A GENERAL FAVORITE. JNO. FINZER&BROS. L0UI8VILLE. KY. OFFICES TD RENT! A. fine suite of offices over the Farmers & Mechanic's Bank, Main st., Aun Arhnr. Enquiro at Coi'rieu office. ASTHWÍA? SCHIFFMANN'SAsthmaCure Never fails to give instant relief in the worst cases, and effect curen whoro others fiii. Trial Psekftge FKKE of Draggiste or by MalLl Adlfw DR. R. SOHIFFMANN, M-JjolglBt 1892. HARPER'S BAZAR. ILLU8TRATED. Hari'ER's Bazar ia a Journal for the home. It glves the latent Information wlth regard to the Fashions, and lts numrrou lllutstratlons. Paris designa, and pattern-sheet Bupplemunta are iiidespensable allke to the home dress-maker and the professional mudiste. No expense Is spared to make lts artistl uttraclivenesB of the hlghest order. lts bright storles. amuslng comedien, and thoughtful essays satlsfy ala rastra, and itn last page is famous au a budget of wíl and humor. In Ha weekly issues everythlng la lncluded whie.h is of interen to women. The SeriaU for 1892 wlll be written by Walter Bksant and William Black. Mrs. Oliphant will bocome a contrlbutor. Marios Harland's Timely Talks "Day in andDayOut," are intended for matrona, and Helen Marshall North will BpecUlly addres girls. T. W. Hiouinson. in " Women and Men," wilt please acultlvatedattdleneo. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. PER YEAH: HAKPER'S BAZAR %i Ou HARPER'S MAGAZINE 4 00 HARPER'S WEEKLY 4 00 HARPER'S YOUNO PEOPLE 2 00 Postage Free to all subscribers in the Zhxited States, Canuda or Mexico. The volumes of the Bazar begin with the flrstnumber for January of eaeh yenr. When lotlrne is meiuioued, subscrlptlona will begin with t! e Number current at time of rece ipt of order. Boand volumes of Harpek's Bazar, for ;hreeyears back, in neat cloth binding, wlll je sent by mail, postage paid. or by expresa, free of expense (provided the freight does not exueed oue dollar per volume), for $7.00 per volume. Cloth C;ises for each volume, suilable lor binding will be sent by mail, postpald, on recelptof $1.00 each. Remittanoe should be made by Post-offiee Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of losa. Newspapers ure not to copy this advertisoment without the (Xpress order o JIaupkh & BkoïuBR8. Addres: HARPER S BROTHERS, New York. -:■ : g imwiwaM tüB K!towlfl' .„ ,!:1Muj._...Bfci- oqnS g-r w '■" t$i 2-ogëgw - - . A iglfes?! %_ t ui p d o, ir) n (tl 1-1 O" (U "„" p J[ OÍ. 2 !l "'j Z ,lMP


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