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Half The Pupils In High Schools Are

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tudyin Latín, French, (otiiiíiii, or reek. Hmv many of tliein can tnlk orreetly in their own language ? (i.'i nc of ihcin to wri'te, you a letter, ou wfll find ifc iull of error. So ïiich kiO(1 money te wasted ta thls orid in putting faiK-.v cornlces and tngerbread Work on poo-r 'oundaons.- Exchange. rriie person who wrote the above robably dïd so without lnveotiRatuk. But grant the truth of tho aaserion that half of the papil reforred n are studyiiij? foreijen langnagea aa tated. If they are, it is wlth Bome nrt in vif-w, and tho. Htudonts wlU inkc UW of the knowledRO obtai'ned. They will make it pay them in accomilishing their Ute work. Is It not. bertter to "waste money" ti putting knowledge injto the hoads )1 youth, than to waste it in many thr ways ? idJeoees, cig-arettes, wine, wranen, fast horsos, etc., even thougli the foimdation bO poor in ach Instanoe? If tho foundation is poor, there is all the more reasoafor atteinptlng to Btrengthen it, and many an ordtnary boy or irl has e'n alilf tO take a gOOd position in the worM hy having the school house door teil wlde opem ior hl-m. There aro those who belleve that money expended to develop the bralna s not wasted. That the more knowi■1ut one sains, the better prepared ie is to raakc a suecess of Ufe and to enjoy liie. Tn the center of the Horticultural building at the WorM's Pair, wlll be e mJiniatupe mountain, sevrmy teel high, upon which wlll gtow Riant troe-fvriis and palins, and ottoer vegetntiön, findins thero, a congenial home. A mountukt stri'am wlll (laan from one declivity 'm anothcr and play hidc-and-seek wlth the foll'age. Beoeath tins pock-mountalii wlll lx a cavo. 80 fect in (Jiameter and 60 iftpt hisli, llghted by electriiity. where, during the whole six months of the Expositioir, the exper i in ent will be tried wlvcther planta wlll grow Tinder clecti-ic as wel! as under sun-liRht. Chk'f Thorpe, of the FlorlCulture Diviwion, oriftinated the plan.


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