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Let Us Give Thanks

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Yeai there are gloomy daya of l'-k n-pining Tlmt Bidly Hit alomgon leaden wmg, . . , Pt mh.m.v.Ikt,-. the ran alv.ays And every Ínter iurelj ends in pring. V,... ih,re 8 pin and -Lft!'!rÍLen iid pitifu! old afte.grown folnt andgray; , Uut youui; Uves to crown the old lives Shtak'tbe ehUdreB In the world to-dny! „ thereiswar God waits a ílttle Ionger Ere HeVlHall thl.iarring trlfe Bubdue; But human Love to day was nver teooger, And banu heart wexe never imlf ho truc. Yes. in each Ufe Uiete IU be "tfr sorrow. Rut 'tisnot long.- thl88pnceoi mortul bicutu. Ti ■ "X fofekch of u's. a grond to-morrow Tbere fraitn for eaoh, the kindly night ol Death. A world Wfcere suubeanis dance, nnd birds are wï''vH.U-ts oever íail to come i;',f'ill„ Where llttle chlidren'a volcea nngWheTe love shiiiüs ste.ulfast on the darkest wayl A world where deer Life meet s, full of gladAmi nidos onr steps o'er oasy patha aud AndSwhe're her smile lias faded Into sadngu Dear Death soothes every weary heart to sleep. RATond our sieht, the angels are rejololne, I lhèv "ünd iro.ind tSe throne in shlnlng Oh,ri"'t njoiu BM BOng tlmt Batata ure voioing, lela ouï rather,-let as, too, glve tlnu.U!


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