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puBjjc SñEin DEMANDS Sm,M)nIy i110"?' a"(I reliabIe medicines should be placed upon the market. It cannot, therefore, be stated too emphaticaüy nor repeated too ofte,,, that all who are in bee3durefaï1(fr4Ufor Blood """- Ayer's Sarsapanüa. Yonr Ufe, or of some one near and dear to yon, may depend on the useof thw well-approved remedy in pretor nam V" MutT "rul);-ation of similar name It ís compouuded of Honduras sar sapanlla (thevariety most rich in curatfve properties), stillingia, mandrake, yellow dock and the lodhfes. The process of man ufacture ís original, skiifül, scrupulously clean, and such as to secure the very besí medicinal qualities of each ingrediënt TDis medicine is not boiled nor heated, and I therefore, not a decoction; but it is a comí pound extract, obtained by a method el clusively our own, of the best and most powerful alteratives, tonics, and dinrS " l"e "S Sarsaparilla has been the standard Wond-purifier of the world-oo other approac p it in popular confidence or universal deniaiid. lts formula 19 approved by tlie leading physiciaiis and drugglrts. Betag pure and WgWy con centrated, It is the most economieal of any ponsible hlood medicine. ' Every purehaser of SsraaparlUa shouUl insist upon havinc Uita PJ-eparaöon and see that each bottle bears the well-known name of J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. In cvcry qiiarter of tlie globe Ayer's Bar. s.ipariila is proved to lic the best rcmedy 'imall lisea.!s (.f the blm,a. Lowcll drueeists mate In testtfying to the superior exceUence Ayer's Sarsaparilla PREPARED IiT DR. J. C. AYER & CO, Lowell, Mass. SoldbjrDruKKi3t3. Sl,siig.5. Worth a bottle. I


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