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EAW AS BEEF-STE AK Baby's Fearful Suffering from Skin i Disease Covering Entire Body Cured by Cuticura. My lmby was taken v,ry siek when he was threc months old, and in a few daya began breaktng out. We employed both of the home doctors, and they eould do nothlug for him Tben we Bent for tlie best doctor In Faton Khiiids, Mieh.. and he doctored lilra for two weeks and he got worse all sC? ""=38ík the time; and then I f' xK tookhim to.Iackson. LiAJifê t0 1 doctor who tLffli ï I attenda eapeclally jÉp WksiA t0 skin deseases, m ySII and then hc got jB !2k ZT 9k worse thnn ever. w4W Y] l'ben I told my husvl AW bnd wo had better Jr Kkmiiuks any way; mMB. ES Aw '"'' "nt oave aiiy SBái jsuJWÍb '''''" ""' would dn SNeBV ""' BO1. bllt in loss two months from the time we began living them to him he was entirely well, and not a spot on him. Hls hair befran growing right off, and we thonght he wonld always be liald-lieaded. There was not a spot on his whole body, face. and head, ouly his QOae and eyes. bnt what was as raw as ln'i-fsteak. So poor there was not anything but bones, aud so weak he could raiso oeither hanc nor head. Mra. KüANK BABRETT, Winfield, Mich. a-u.ticu.ra IResolvent The new Blood and Skin Purifler, ftnd great est of Humor Remedies, oleensea the blood cf uil lmpurltles mul polsonous eleiueuts, and tnus removes the canse, whlle Cuticuka tin great skin cure, and Cdtici ka oap, and cxqulsltesklD beautifler, clear the skin and scalp and restore thehalr. Thus the Cdticuba Rbmedies oure every species oi Itehlng, burnlnir Bcaly, plmply, and blotchy skin. scalp, and lood dlseases trom pimples to scrofnla, from Inlanry to age. v.heu the best physclans fail. Sold everywhere. I'iice, Cctiouba, 50c; }oap,S5c.j Kesolvent, 1.00. Prepared by the SosTon " AND tIiKMICAI' COBPOBATIOK, Üu8ehd for " How to Cure Blood Dis RflRY'S ki," '"u1 -s-alP puritii-d inid beautr uuul ü fled by cuTicL-hA Soap. Absolutely tRiíEUMTIC"PáiJlsr Iu oue minute tlic CüTIOOBA AntiPain Plaster relieves rheumatic. Bclatlca, hip, kldney, ches t, anfl muscular patos and weaknesses. Prloe weuty-nve cents.


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