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Governor .Foniker was boni at Rainsboro, a farm villar in Taint township, Ohio, Jnly is Ui. ju is;. at the time ol recruiMng the 89th regiment in the counties of Clernmnt Koss ana Highl,ml, Capt. W. Gleenwas ralslng a company at Hillsboro' Ben Forater ladueed ]iis parents, who found he was dtetermtned to enlist, to a reluetant consent volnnteered in tliis company, betag at in; iiiue lutie over 16 yeara of age. In all the active service of the regiment he partdcipated, and tose sucesBively from orderiy sergeant to the rank of first Mentenant. Late in the snmmer of 1868 be was sent home on recruitlng duty. On hls return to the army he reached liis regiment just as it was golng into the battle of Misslon Ridffe. Taking charge of tóa company lie led it to assault and w.-is the iirst man of the regiment to scale the enemy's worka. After this he participateü in the charge of Roekv race, 111 tue Atlanta campalgn, r,uz zard's Roost, Reseca, Bui-nt Hickory Peachiyee Creek, etc., After the Pall of Atlanta lie was detailed for diity in the signa] Corps. Aissigned to the Btatt of General Slocum he inarched with Sherman to the e&a, and served to the of the war. when he was mustered om ai the ag i ol i 9 y( Returning home He entered the office oí Judge lio and waa admlt"' !" the bar ín 1866. ín 1879 he was efected id i!].. Biiperlor court of tton eounty. ín 1883 he w noiinnatcil for Kovernor but w ,i,.. feated. in 1884 he led the Ohio de gation tor Blalae. In 1888 lie w étected govörnOT .-, large majorit hls term explrtag in 1890. Gov. F raker has always been au ultra pa tiean, and one of the niot decided ai determlned foes of President Clev land and the democratie party. At the republlcan convention last year in Chicago, he was ona of Stketman'8 Ueutenants. Foraker is again attractIng general notice through the fight he is waging against s, .na tor John shriman in Ohio. The eonteal is of tationa] Inportanee as it wouM ba i iiational loss ii John Sherinan Bliouiu loee hls Beat In the smat,'


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