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The Harvard foot ball team is ia mourning alno. It wnsii't tiic umpire this time. it was the wcatlicT. Over noo people went to Detroit on ene special Baturday. The Glee luid lianjo clubs are makinp; excellent program. The PiUla-dium will be printed at ttw Courier office this year. P. W. Ross has been working up Intander atls in Detroit this week. A gymnasium, eoattog $100,000 is bPinR erected at Wegt Point, for the military nchool. Mnny of the students COUldnt walt until yesterday, Imt had to leave Momlay for homo. Mr. Llghtbody in a Normal student, imt .the üniversïty is still geveral points alvad wfth its Turnipseed. The main building for tJie Univerversity oX Chicago will oost $350,000 and contracta for the sam; have been let. President AageiJ and fanjlly are agaln occupying the prealdent'a house whiteh tii-y vacated white it was being repnirel this sea.son. Should 100 (ïeslre to attemd the Cleveland game. they vnn socure transportation for $3.15 each, provldlng they go by wa.ter írom Detroit. All Qepartments oí the imiversity closed yeetwday to allow tliose who deaired to ro home, euBfclent time to reach there belore Turkey Urne. Tiio foot ball team can be proud oí one thing, They made moro points .■i.U-ainst Cornell tlinn ill the other clnbe combinod, ia thelr games of this scascni. The railrod pal to Cleveland on D,-iy, to wiincss the game wfth C3l3veland eleven will be $4.15 for the round ti-i.). It will be a cheap trip. It is hoped that at tJie meting of the state oditors nest January they will have a. good opportupicy w mx the university and note tlie work belnï. Uone by the BtudentB. On Sium ,;.,,. pyauXug, Xov. JSth, Hon. Cteprge B. Wenflffljig i- to dellver mu' of the very bast lc-t.ures in liis excellent reportorie entltled "Saul oí Tarsos." At ünivorsity hall, before the S. L. A. The foot-ball eleven who went to Detroit last Saturday in the rain to meet the Cornell eleven, met tliem all right enough. The score, 58 to 12, n favor oí the ea-stern boys was not is satisf.iotory as one could wish. Mc-ssrs. Ross. l'n'stiss and Htone, o! Dniverslty puWlcationa, will help uraage the program íor the coinins;meeting of the edftors oí the state in anuary. It is desh-ed to give the qiiill drlvers a favorable reception. Th.' Michigan School Master's Club s to meet at Aun Arbor, on Saturday, Tov. Ü8th, '91, in i-oom 24. Aniong ther talks will b3 one by Prof J. G. attengll] upoa "A Practical View f the Teachinig of Iatin and Gwek i the High School. At the 14tli animal din-ner of the ?si Dpsllon fraternity at Detroit, lat Friilay eveoiog, at the Hotel lac. Bishop Da vies, oí Detroit, John M. Wheel, Prof. Francia W. Kelaey and Prof. W. L. WaLter, of Ann Arbor, responded to toasts. One of the officers of the Student's Lecture Assoeiatiou has oxpressed hlmseli in favor of recommendlng that tbe surplus of the society's funds be devoted to the furnlshing of University hall with opera, chairs. An object nearcr to the public would be diffleulft to lind. The association wouM be devotlng its íunds to a inost worthy cause.


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