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This appears to be a good tinie to talk turkey. Tht' public schools close this noon for tlae balance of the week. E. V. H-angetertor catered for three dancing partles last Frlday evening. Hon. E. P. Allen has been attendlnj? n meeting of the. National RepuMican League ín York during t.he week past. Mrs. Thwesa Vktlde, wiie ol &eo. Vilnkle, ol Hill st., dted Thursday, Nov. 19th, agied 81, and was traried in Forest Hill cemetery. Thos. Neat, of Ypsilanti, has b n appointed superintendent of the Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti St. Railway, vice Thos. B. McCollum rosigned. Wheh the new cars that have been ordered for the Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti 8t. I!. Ii. hall be Miwi-c.l, the road will le propared to carry big crowd.s, at least 500 at one time. Trcasiirer Brown, of Ann Arbor town. wlll be at the county treasurer's office every Friday and Saturday in December, to i-eceive taxes. Prof. Stanley bas on the tapis .t Closing concert for the Choral Union series that wlll eclipse anything ever held west of Bo3ton. It will be a humïner. Tho clerk of Ann Arbor town will recrivr vno,l-clHick scalps on Saturday Dec. 5th, in the court house basement. la a chance for Christm,-!s nioiii'y. boys. To-nioi'row, whcn you sit down to youv well-fllled table, you wlll enjoy the meal ranch better if you know that you have helped somt1 one else to a good meal who was not able to procure one for himself. Tho Michigan State Horticultura 1 Soslety will meet at Eaton Raplds, Dec. Ist, lid and 8d, in animal Bes sion. An excellent program has been arranged, and tree entertainment Tor all attcnding. Tlio water wheel of the paper mili at Foster'S became clogged up, the otber day with dead eels, and the mili had to be stopped on account therooi. About tWO bushels ware removed varyittig in sitae from eight or ten inches to sevral feet. Ex-Supervisor üraun has a good artlcle in another column upon the j-oad law. It is to be. hoped that Otbena wlll exprese their views on this queetlon and enough interest be ïnaniíc.-.tí'd to secure some llesired changes in legislation in respect to this Important matter. People W'ho will entertain one or more ui tjie cditors durlug their coming state meeting bere in .Tanuary, will be doing a handsome thing and a favor that will lie appreciated by the press, by handmg their imm, and t,he number they will entertain to MÍB8 Bower, chairman of the commit" tee. at the Democrat office. The W. C. R., whilch means Womans' Relief Oorps, gave a very pleaeanfc entertainment Thnreday evening at G. A. R. hall, owr J. T. Jacob & Co's etore. The B. M. Q's as usual wore the Btars of the evening, then followcd recitations, instrumental music, etc.. after which a fino supper was Rpreíid. Dancing closed the delightful eveni'iig's enjoymenU


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